About us

About us

Telsome: enterprise's telephony provider

Telsome is the SMEs Communication provider that delivers managed and 100% unified fixed, mobile and PBX solutions.

Operating in Spain with the CNMC licences for Fixed, Mobile, Nomadic numbers and Internet fiber connection, Telsome has been working exclusively in telecommunications since 2004, located in Zaragoza, halfway between Madrid and Barcelona, and a national distribution network.

In the enterprise communication level, Telsome stands out for:

  • Providing enterprises with an extra advantage against competitors by unifying the whole communication system.
  • Cut-free system that ensures full continuity to enterprises with their phone system.
  • Managing the system and solving any event with celerity, avoiding enterprises to have to deal with technical set ups and issues so that they can focus on what really matters to them.

Growth Strategy

Telsomes growth strategy is based on human quality and healthy growth. Together they create an unstoppable wheel that benefits both the customer and the operator: the customer gets an exceptional service and customer support and Telsome grows constantly and has their customers fidelity.

Human Quality

Integrity, initiative, empathy, effort, knowledge and creativity are the qualities that guide the Team Telsome:

  • Showing clearly the important information.
  • Seeking the sale through the real improvement for the customer.
  • Developing constantly new tools and features. Between 2017 and 2018 Telsome developed the Automated Surveys, Advanced Reports, STBA, Whisper, Smart IVR and Chrome Extension Click2Call (and more are being developed at this moment). 
  • Thinking like and listening to customers, users and colaboratos to learn what they need and help them. 
  • Constant learning and publishing articles and manuals to help VoIP users and technicians. 
  • Working every day to improve the service and customer support. 

Healthy Growth

Growing a step by a step in order to have the technological and human resources that are necesary to maintain the quality of the service and customer support that are customer are used to. 

Team Telsome

Telsome is made up of a professional team that gives support to thousands of users. The trick: the prevaling position is technician and customer care is based on human quality. 

The main office is in the World Trade Center in Zaragoza and Telsome has a distribution network around Spain. 


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