Telephony integration with Microsoft Teams

Use Teams as your phone

telefonía y centralita en Teams

One app for everything

Unify all communications, internal and external, through Teams and simplify your daily routine.

The phone in Teams

Use Teams to call any number and answer calls from the switchboard.

Telecommuting and mobility

Work from home or office and use your extension from inside Teams.

telefonía en Microsoft Teams

Telephony from Teams

Telsome gives you the opportunity to make and receive calls from your switchboard from within Microsoft Teams.

By default, Teams only allows calls between fellow employees in the same company but does not allow you to call external phone numbers. With our integration you can use Teams for everything:

  • Call external numbers showing your landline number
  • Receive calls from external numbers
  • Transfer calls
  • Phonebook
  • Call history
  • Total mobility with computer and mobile app

Plus, chat, teams, internal calls, conferencing, and file sharing.

Why integrate telephony within Teams

To save time and increase productivity

The main advantage of merging Teams with telephony is that you simplify workers’ daily routine and help them save time on daily tasks. And this translates into an increase in their productivity.

Until recently, it was usual for companies to use Teams for internal communications and have a phone on every table. Every time a customer needs to be called, the phone number is looked up on the computer and dialed on the phone. What if it were just copy and paste? This alone is already a great time saver.

To avoid problems derived from using many apps

If you’re already using a webphone, you’re already saving time on each call. But how many calls have your company missed because someone forgot to turn on the webphone?

The more programs an employee has to use, the more time they spend switching from one to the other. And the more likely mistakes are made.

The best way to avoid this is by unifying external and internal telephony into one single system.

To achieve total mobility and telecommuting

The use of Microsoft Teams, IP telephony and virtual switchboards has expanded tremendously due to the coronavirus for one essential reason: it’s telecommuting-ready.

Companies that previously used conventional telephony have been forced to implement temporary solutions by way of VPNs, call diverts and duplicate systems to get their employees to telecommute.

And many have used the opportunity, and are taking the opportunity, to digitize their business and replace old phone systems with up-to-date systems. As a result, Microsoft Teams has become the world's leading solution.

With Microsoft Teams, all employees are always ready to telecommute. They only need an Internet connection and a laptop or smartphone to be able to use their phone.

To get all the benefits of the Telsome switchboard

By using Teams with Telsome you get the best of technology giant Microsoft with the best of a company specialized in business telephony: Teams security and the high performance and customer service that we offer at Telsome.

The Telsome virtual switchboard continues to manage your company's calls so that everything works as you need. And calls are made from Teams.

It is even possible to simultaneously use Teams, IP phones and Telsome mobile phones.

In the end, what matters is to optimize processes and simplify daily tasks.

Types of Telephony Integration in Teams

There are two types of telephony integrations businesses can do with Teams to use it as a phone:

Direct routing and integration with the virtual switchboard

It has the most demand because it’s the simplest and safest option to implement and the one that offers the most customization options. Besides, it has the support of Telsome, who are in charge of configuring the switchboard and keeping it operative all the time.

Direct routing via SIP Trunk

Teams is connected to the telephony network via a SIP trunk and the default switchboard that comes within the Microsoft telephony module is used. It is quite adequate for companies that already have an in-house telephony tech because he will be responsible for configuring the switchboard, routing calls and ensuring overall correct operation..

The biggest drawback to this system, in addition to the fact that someone with switchboard experience is required to set it up, is that the switchboard itself is somewhat limited, performance-wise.

How to integrate telephony and Teams

The integration between telephony (and switchboard) and Teams is very easily done through the Telsome web panel.

From the configuration panel a direct connection is made to Microsoft 365 on which to enter your account data and thus establish a link with Telsome. And once the link is made, the Telsome data is entered to enable the phone.

Required Microsoft 365 licenses for telephony

To enable the phone in Teams it’s necessary to own the appropriate licenses that give access to this functionality. Some licenses include it by default and it’s only necessary to establish the connection with Telsome so that it can be used as a telephone.

The Office 365 E1 and Office 365 E3 licenses require adding the Phone System license, also called Common Area Telephone. The Office 365 E5 license includes the telephone license by default.

What else can you do with Microsoft Teams

  • Internal and external calls.
  • Chatting and video calls.
  • Meetings with colleagues as well as with outsiders.
  • Share your screen during a call or meeting.
  • Remote control of other computers during a call / meeting.
  • Share files.
  • Calendar and tasks.
  • Caller ID: your phone provider's number for outgoing calls, and extension number for internal calls.
  • You can combine it with virtual switchboard desk phones and mobiles.
  • The lines work with the switchboard.

More advantages to unifying Teams and switchboard

Unify applications and increase productivity

Many companies have some software for internal communications and some other software for calls. In addition to a CRM, a business contact manager and a task manager. Why not start unifying systems?

Limiting the number of programs a worker needs on a daily basis is proven to save time and increase productivity.

And this is where Microsoft Teams comes in, because it’s here to stay, just like the virtual switchboard. And that is why at Telsome we have unified telephony and the virtual switchboard so that it can be used natively within Microsoft Teams.

  • Do you need to call a fellow employee? You use Microsoft Teams.

  • Do you need to call a customer? You use Microsoft Teams.

  • And what happens when people call the company's main number and the call goes to a waiting queue with 40 agents connected? The call will be answered by an agent, from Teams. Because the switchboard is integrated into Teams.

You don't have to buy extra hardware

With Microsoft Teams you avoid having to buy more IP phones. Actually, you remove devices off the table because the computer will be used for everything. Microsoft Teams works on computers and also on mobiles and tablets, so you can use the hardware you already have to implement this upgrade.

Always ready to telecommute

When your employees work from the office they will use Teams as the phone. Same happens when they work from home. Forget about complex work routines and telephony using duplicate systems and unify everything into one.

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