Telephony for Enterprises

The complete VoIP phone system for enterprises

portability to VoIP

Port your phone number to VoIP or select a new one

Phone portability it's included in the price of our VoIP plans. You can also buy a new phone number and select the one you like best from the geographical area you prefer.

best voip telephony quality

VoIP telephony with the best sound quality

Our guiding principle is to offer you the best sound quality on every phone call. We want you to focus on your conversation.

PBX features in your VoIP telephony

Get hosted PBX type professional features

The VoIP telephony service with best features for enterprises (and not being a hosted PBX): automated hours, call transfers and much more.

Buy your Business telephone system

My Business


(8,35€ IVA incluido)


  • 1 fixed phone number

  • 1 extension

  • 150 minutes to fixed

  • 150 minutos to mobile


→ Add Extras to it:

You can add extras to improve your phone system to adapt it to your business needs:

  • Fixed phone numbers: 2€

  • Extensions: 4,3€

  • Call recording: 2€

  • International phone numbers

  • VoIP Phones

  • Flat rates to fixed

  • Flat rates to mobile

  • Flat rates to Europe


15 trial days Buy the service and try it out. If for any reason you don't want to continue with it just let us know in the first 15 days and we will cancel it and give you your money back (phone calls charges not included).

No minimum duration

No cancelation fees

Initial credit top up: you will use your credit to pay monthly fees and phone calls.

VoIP telephony benefits for enterprises

Big saving

ahorro con telefonía IP

Cut phone costs thanks to VoIP telephony

  • Save up to 70% on monthly rates
  • Pay for what you need
  • Great prices on national and international rates
  • No distinction between provincial and inter-provincial phone calls

Invest in a scalable solution

100% scalable phone system

Increase and reduce users, simultaneous calls, upgrade to hosted PBX and much more.

  • 100% escalable
  • Great versatility
  • Expandable to distant locations: citys and even countries. One PBX for all locations.
  • You can upgrade to hosted PBX at any point

Don't miss more phone calls

evita perder llamadas de clientes

Your fixed phone always with you: multiSIP accounts

Thanks to MultiSIP accounts you ensure you are not going to miss phone calls as you can use your fixed phone number at the same time on your VoIP phone, computer and smartphone with no need of buying additional SIP accounts.

Add automated call divert to ensure someone will answer phone calls even when you are not available.

Easy to use

As easy as traditional telephony

  • Set it up in less than 5 minutes
  • Same dialing system
  • Online Control panel

VoIP features included with VoIP telephony Plans

1 Spanish fixed phone number+ info

  • All our VoIP plans include one Spanish phone number
  • You can select a new Spanish phone numbe or port yours

1 MultiSIP account+ info

  • Use your MultiSIP account on your VoIP phone and smartphone at the same time.
  • Thanks to our MultiSIP accounts you can use your phone extension on different devices at the same time and avoid missing phone calls.

Voicemail2email+ info

  • When someone leaves you a voice message on your voicemail you will receive an email with the audio message attached.
  • Listen to voice messages from any place with email access.
  • Customize your voicemail with your own welcome message; forward phone calls to your voicemail when out of working ours.

Automated days and hours+ info

  • Stablish phone automated days and hours based on your working hours.
  • Send phone calls to your voicemail or transfer them to other phone numbers based on the time.

Web button Call Me Now+ info

  • Increase phone calls from website users with the Call Me Now button.
  • Add on your website a Call Me Now button: users will be able to request a phone call to ask about your services and our system will make a phone call to your future customer and to your enterprise.

Music on hold+ info

  • Improve how you handle phone calls and your enterprise image with music on hold.
  • Music on hold makes people perceive waiting shorter than silence, helping you improve their satisfaction.
  • Customers will listen to music on hold when they are being transfered or when being put on hold.

Call transfer+ info

  • Transfer phone calls to other extensions.
  • Transfer phone calls to fixed and mobile phone numbers.
  • Direct and 2 steps call transfer.

Inteligent call forwardings+ info

  • Inteligent call forwarding help enterprises to avoid missing customer phone calls.
  • Add rules and define where should phone calls be forwarded based on status of the extension, hour of the phone call, phone number, and much much more.

Back UP forwarding+ info

  • Don't loose any phone call in case power outage or if Internet connection goes down.
  • In those cases phone calls will me automatically forwarded to other phone lines.
  • Once connection is restored the service will automatically work as always.

Optional features

Virtual Fax+ info

Call recording+ info

  • Record calls on demand or record every phone call automatically.

Telsome Caller+ info

  • Save money when calling internationally with your smartphone.
  • No Internet required
  • International phone calls with Telsome rates from your smartphone.
  • Show your enterprise phone number instead of you mobile phone number.
  • Check it now

International phone numbers+ info

  • Gain new customers around the world using phone numbers from the countries where you want to grow.
  • Customers will call you at local rates, breaking the high cost impediment for customers to call you, and sell more.
  • Buy international phone numbers during the buying process of all our VoIP plans.

VoIP Telephony Devices

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