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Get more customers by using virtual phone numbers in your business



Proyect trust

Fixed phone numbers from the area customers live proyect more trust than other locations numbers or mobile numbers. Web users are also more likely to buy in an ecommerce with a contact phone number than in one with no contact number.

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Increase sales

Customers with questions are willing to call you to get answers before buying. Virtual phone numbers can help your customers get in contact to you so that you can help them and make sure they are buying your products or hiring your services.

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Full mobility

Virtual numbers allow you to answer phone calls from different devices and places. It doesn't matter where you are you can answer your customers and help them.

Spanish virtual phone number

When buying a VoIP telephony plan, a hosted PBX or a SIP trunk you always get a Spanish phone number with it. You can get virtual phone numbers from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga, Mallorca and every city of Spain.

Spanish Virtual phone number

Fixed phone number


Vat not included

902 number


Vat not included
  • Virtual phone numbers include by default 2 simultaneous phone calls, automated hours and days, intelligent call forwarding, voice2mail,150 minutes to Spanish fixed + 150 minutes to Spanish mobile.
  • You can add extra virtual phone numbers to the first one for just 2€ each.
  • You can even select which phone number to buy instead of getting a random one.
  • This numbers are full numbers as you can use them for inbound and outbound phone calls.
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International virtual phone number

International phone numbers help enterprises get leads in those countries where they operate and don't have a regular office. Phone calls can be answered from Spain and customers can call to a local number.

International phone number



9€ start up fee
Vat not included



9€ start up fee
Vat not included



9€ start up fee
Vat not included



9€ start up fee
Vat not included



9€ start up fee
Vat not included
  • Select the country among over 60 available countries.
  • Some countries demand certain requirements from users in order to buy their phone numbers, you can contact us in order to know them.
  • The price of the number depends on the country.
  • Full phone numbers: you can both make inbound and outbound phone calls.
  • You can redirect phone calls to other numbers or use it with apps or IP phones.
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What is a virtual phone number

A virtual phone number is a fixed phone number that can be used from anywhere as it's not linked to a phone central station as usual. These phone numbers are usually used by redirecting phone calls to other phone numbers or with IP Phones.

Virtual phone numbers are used in businesses to save in traditional phone lines, to get full mobility and to have presence in new areas where they don't have offices.

Most ecommerce use virtual phone numbers as they get a phone number for a very good price and they can use it from several locations with other phone numbers, IP phones and even laptops or smartphones with apps.

Benefits of using virtual phone numbers

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The most simple virtual phone number plan, including minutes to redirect phone calls to other numbers, has a monthly price of just 6,90€ and you can even get additional phone numbers for 2€ each.


You can answer phone calls with mobile lines, laptops connected to Internet and use it around.

Select the number of the relevant geographic area

Business can even select the exact number they want from a list instead of getting a random one.

Automated days and hours

As it happends with Hosted PBX, you can define working hours and redirect all phone calls that you get out of business hours to the voicemail. You will get an email with all messages left.

Simultaneous calls

Businesses can buy as many simultaneous calls as needed at a great price and instantaneously.

Virtual phone number features

  • They can be used from anywhere: full mobility
  • It's not linked to a location: it's cloud
  • It can be called from both mobile and fixed phone numbers
  • It can be used with redirections to other numbers
  • It can be used with apps and programs in laptops and smartphones

How businesses use virtual numbers

número virtual con teléfono IP, móvil, ordenador y apps

VoIP Phones

This is the most usual way to use virtual numbers. VoIP phones are connected to Internet and allow you to make and receive phone calls with virtual phone numbers.


Mobile phones

Phone calls are diverted to other mobile or fixed phone numbers. You can even use Telsome mobile lines and there is no need to divert phone calls.



You can get free apps to use your virtual phone number to answer phone calls from customers and also to call using your virtual phone number.



With programs and headsets you can use laptops to make and receive phone calls with your virtual phone number.


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