Virtual Phone numbers

What is a Virtual phone number?

Definition of virtual phone number:


A virtual phone number is a geographic, mobile, national or special phone number that is hosted in the cloud and allows enterprises to use it everywhere with VoIP phones, software and/or call forwarding. 


Every virtual phone number, as it's hosted in the cloud, uses VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol - at some point of the communications. 


Most virtual number providers offer full virtual numbers, which means that enterprises can use them both for inbound and outbound phone calls. 



Spanish geographic phone number

When buying a VoIP, PBX or SIP trunk plan you get a virtual geographic number from Spain. 

Spanish Virtual Numbers

Spanish geographic number


Monthly rate
VAt Incluided



4,9€ Monthly rate
VAT Incluided
  • Every VoIP, PBX & SIP trunk plans include at least one Spanish geographic phone number.  
  • If you already have an active plan with us, you can get as many additional phone numbers as you need for 2,42€/month per number. 
  • During the buying process you will be able to select the city and select the number you want among a list of available numbers.  
  • We offer full virtual numbers: they work both for inbound/outbound calls (902 work just for inbound calls) 

International virtual phone numbers

By using international phone numbers, enterprises increase sells and comercial leads in the countries they work. Phone calls can be answered from Spain. You need a Telsome VoIP, PBX or SIP Trunk plan in order to buy an International number.

International number

United Kingdom UK


10,89€ startup fee
VAT included



10,89€ startup fee
VAT included



10,89€ startup fee
VAT included

United States USA


10,89€ startup fee
VAT included



10,89€ startup fee
VAT included
  • Select the country: more tha 60 countries available
  • some countries regulations demand some requirement in order to buy their numbers. 
  • Price: based on the country
  • We offer full virtual numbers: they work both for inbound/outbound calls (902 work just for inbound calls)

Feaures of a virtual phone number

número virtual nube
  1. It's hosted in the cloud.
  2. Uses VoIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol.
  3. Allow enterprises to attend calls from any place.
  4. You can use it on several ways (if full virtual numbers):
    1. Forwarding phone calls to other phone numbers
    2. Using VoIP phones and software
    3. With mobile telephony integrated with PBXs



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