Zoiper softphone

We have been recommending Zoiper como softphone VoIP for a long time to use with our VoIP phone lines. The reasons are it´s nice and intuitive interface, easy to use, great voice quality and excellent working on any device. We have tried lots of softphones and this is the one.

  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use
  • It works great

Zoiper is one of the most known softphones and has native versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones. I'ts also available for Windows, Mac and Linux computeres and even for Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers.


  1. Always working
  2. How to configure Zoiper softphone in iPhone
  3. How to configure Zoiper in Android
  4. Configure Zoiper in Windows
  5. Problem solving with Zoiper and iPhone and Android

Zoiper is available in both free and paid version. The free version of Zoiper for smartphones allow you to make and receive phone calls.  

Enterprises can add all the following services for just 0,99€: 

  • Conference
  • Call transfer
  • Call encrypt
  • Presence
  • Call recording 

You can also buy 2 aditional codecs:  G.729 (compatible withTelsome) and H.264 for video. 

Zoiper's interface and features are the same you can find in a regular smartphone: 

  • Contacts: access to your phone contacts to call
  • History: check incoming and outgoing calls
  • Chat: send text messages
  • Settings: configure Zoiper, add new VoIP accounts, etc.

1. Always working

Zoiper is always working even if the screen is blocked. This feature is really important to avoid missing phone calls. Even though it's essential, not every softphone has it. That is an important reason to choose Zoiper. 

If you open de app and switch to another app or to the main menu of your smartphone Zoiper will keep running in the background. Even when your smartphone is blocked. 

*This feature is not available with Windows Phone. 




2. How to configure Zoiper softphone in iPhone 

In order to configure Zoiper softphone in iPhone with Telsome you need your username and password (It is NOT the same username and password you use to access to the website). 

We provided you this data when you hired our VoIP services:

  • The username is your extension in this format xxxx*xxx.
  • It is not necessary to know our SIP server as the softphone introduces it automatically when you select your VoIP provider from the list. sip.telsome.es
  • Password


  1. Go to the App Store and look for Zoiper. Download the first app: Zoiper SIP softphone. It's free
  2. Open Zoiper and follow the steps:  


1. Settings


2. Accounts

3. Press +

softphone voip zoiper configuracion ajustes añadir cuenta


4. Press Yes

softphone voip zoiper telsome tienes cuenta


5. Select Provider


6. Telsome


7. Write your account details and press Register


Zoiper is now active in your iPhone and ready to call and answer phone calls. 

In case is not working, check out that your username and password are correct. 

Setting up Zoiper to keep running in the background

Turn on both options of the image to allow Zoiper to keep runing in the background:

Settings→ Incoming calls

softphone voip zoiper segundo plano mantener activo

3. How to configure Zoiper on Android

To configure this softphone in Android you need your username (7 numbers in this format: 7777*777) and your password. We sent you this information when you registered and hired our VoIP services. If you can´t find this data contact us and we will send it to you.  Normally you also need to know your providers SIP server but Zoiper lets you select your provider form a list and introduces the server for you. 

  1. Go to Google Play, look for Zoiper and download the app. It's free.
  2. Open Zoiper and follow the steps:  


1. Settings

softphone android zoiper ajustes voip

2. Accounts

3. Add account



4. Press yes


5. Press Select Provider


6. Select Telsome


7. Username and password



Zoiper is no active in you Android and ready to use. 

If it's not working, make sure your password and username are correct. 

Set it up to keep running in background

Turn on both options of the following screen: 

Settings→ Incomming calls


4. Configure Zoiper in Windows

You first have to download Zoiper from their website and install it. Once you have it running in your computer just follow the instructions. You will be able to use your VoIP line in just 7 short steps:


1. Click on settings

2. Select Prefences 

3. Click Create Account

4. Select SIP and click on next

5. Write your user, password and Domain.

You received this information when you ordered our service. The domain is always sip.telsome.es

6. Click on next

(you can change the account name, it will not affect the configuration process)

7. Now you are ready to call and receive phone calls with your Telsome phone number and Zoiper on your computer

In case it doesn´t work, click on settings  and preferences (just like in steps 1 and 2).
Check if the tick it´s green. Otherwise, you will have to check your username, password and domain because one of them is not well written (sometimes a space is added when copying and pasting making the password incorrect).

5. Problem solving with Zoiper on iPhone and Android 

5.1 Zoiper not ringing on iPhone and Android

If Zoiper it's not ringing it could be due to the following issues:

  1. Zoiper need permission of the phone to notify incoming phone calls

    iPhone: Settings of the iPhone → Notification center → Include → Select Zoiper ​→ Enable sound 

  2. You did not activate it to work on background 

    If it's not ringing only when the app Zoiper is not visible but it rings when you are on it, then the problem is that you have to enable it to make it work on background: 

5.2 Zoiper not registering

If Zoiper is not registering in Android, iPhone or on your computer the most probable reason is that you've entered the incorrect data or that there is a misspeling error.  

As most times is difficult to see because is a minimum mistake (such as an "n" instead of an "m", or a change of order of to letters, I recommend you to start over again. 

If the problem persist and you still can not register Zoiper, try deleting the app and downloading it again. 

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