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What is a SIP Trunk?

A SIP trunk is a telephony service offered by VoIP providers that allows enterprises to connect their IPBX to the telephony network, making possible to make VoIP phone calls to fixed and mobile phone lines all around the world.

Phone calls are done using Internet Protocol and help enterprises save big amounts of money in calls and monthly fees.

With SIP Trunking enterprises no longer need RDSI connections in order to use several phone lines.

When using a SIP Trunk enterprises move their number to the SIP Trunk provider. As old providers used to enable the phone line and numbers by using telephony cable connection, with SIP Trunking we provide your enterprise with phone line and numbers over Internet.

IP PBX working is similar to traditional ones, as you can set up phone extensions, you control the whole phone system of the business and can set up different phone numbers and lines. But there are some big differences: you can now access it remotly, you have many more features to improve your communications and everything at a better price.

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What do you need to use a SIP Trunk?


IP PBX are the responsible of setting up the whole telephony system of the business. You create in it phone extensions, incoming call routres, outgoing call routes, add phone number rules and much more.

Is the hardware, or even software, managing the call routing to your enterprise phone numbers. There are several good PBX brands: Grandstream, Avaya, Elastix etc; o software como 3CX, FreePBX.

When using an IP PBX the customer is the responsible of setting everything up. Therefore, most enterprises using this type of PBX hire professionals to do so, for maintenance and to solve any issue that may happen.

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Internet Connection

Without Internet connection the IP PBX would not work. You need to connect it to Internet as phone calls work over the Inter connection when using a SIP trunk with an IP PBX.

VoIP Phones / SIP Clients

These are the devices each user is going to use as a phone. They have to be connected to the PBX. The most used devices are VoIP phones, which are similar to regular phones that you have to connect to Internet.

How does a SIP Trunk work?

SIP Trunks with IP PBX work the same way a traditional PBX with landlines does, with the big difference that the phone calls and lines work over Internet rather of doing it over the landlines.

Before, the PBX were connected to a landline in order to be able to call and receive phone calls. Now, with SIP Trunks, the PBX is connected to Internet in order to be able to call and receive phone calls.

When the IP PBX is connected to Internet it connects to the SIP Trunk phone provider. This provider is the responsible of providing you all the phone lines you have hired for your business.

IP Trunk Prices

No minimum duration | 15 trial days | Customize your SIP Trunk plan

Most used IP PBX brands use with Telsome

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rutas de calidad

Quality voice routes

They may not be the cheapest ones but they are certainly the ones you need to ensure phone calls won't drop while you are talking with a customer.

rutas de calidad

Over Optimization

We use more resources than the required to the SIP Trunk to ensure that is always working and you can always use the phone lines..

servidores en España

Serves located in Spain

The voice won't have to travel to USA and come back on each phone call, and reduce that latency, porque los servidores están aquí.

SIP Trunk
30 channels

tarjeta sim telefonía móvil empresas
  • 32.000 minutos to Spanish fixed

  • 6 cents/minutos to Spanish mobile

  • 1 fixed phone number


SIP Trunk
60 channels

tarjeta sim telefonía móvil empresas
  • 64.000 minutes to Spanish fixed

  • 6 cents/minutos to Spanish mobile

  • 1 fixed phone number


SIP Trunk
100 channels

tarjeta sim telefonía móvil empresas
  • 64.000 minutos to Spanish fixed

  • 16.000 minutos to Spanish mobile

  • 1 fixed phone number


Customize it!
X channels

tarjeta sim telefonía móvil empresas
  • X minutes to Spanish fixed

  • X minutes to Spanish mobile

  • X phone numbers


VAT not included, monthly prices, minutes are per month and automatically renew every month


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Main features of Telsome SIP Trunk

Adding extra channels is easy and cheap+ info

If you are getting more phone calls because your campaigns are working great you add more channels and avoid missing phone calls even if all your agents are busy. Just request it to us and we can add them without waiting for days and at a great price.

Disaster BackUP

The SIP Trunk will forward phone calls to your backup phone number (mobile recommended) in case of power outage or if Internet connection goes down. Once connection is restored the service will automatically work as always.

Additional safety measures in outbound calls

Safety is a must to ensure communications and avoid fraud. Therefore, this SIP Trunk includes extra safety measures for outbound calls that will make your account even safer. You can also block certain destinations at SIP Trunk level and extra expensive phone numbers.

Double autentication system

Following on with security, which is a must, your SIP Trunk account will have a double authentication system.

Secret additional safe systems

There are members of the team monitoring constantly the system and we have extra security systems that, for security, is better to keep to ourselfs.

Different voice codecs available

G.711 A-Law, G.711 U-Law, G729, G.722, GSM, Opus (12kHz,16kHz,24kHz,48kHz), SpeeX (16kHz, 32kHz, 8kHz), H.264

SLA+ info

99,9% SLA available.

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Beneficios del SIP Trunk

The main benefit when changing to IP Telephony using a SIP Trunk is reducing costs, but there are more benefits..

Furthermore, most enterprises decide to migrate their PBX system to a VoIP trunking when their PBX hardware needs to be replace. Is in this moment when most enterprises replace it for a new IP PBX and start using the current technology: VoIP.

1. Big savings in monthly fees

The connection to the PTSN is cheaper than traditional telephony connections because you are using Internet instead of a big infrastructure. This results in great prices for phone lines, channels and other services.

2. Free internal calls

Phone calls among users of the same company do not use the PSTN and, therefore, are free for the enterprises. Phone calls among the VoIP provider users are normally also free.

3. Big savings in national and international phone calls

Rates for both national and international phone calls are cheaper with SIP Trunking because you are using VoIP telephony.

4. Channel scalability: hire more channels on the go

With SIP Trunks you can hire as many channels as you need on the go and you will be able to use them instantaneously.

With traditional switchboards the number of channels depends on the infrastructure. Due to it enterprises had to hire channels in blocks of fixed numbers instead of just buying the number of channels they really needed. And, furthermore, a technician had to activate them.

5. Mobility: change location with ease

The SIP trunk connects you to the PSTN using internet, no matter where you are located. That’s the reason that if it happens that you move your office you will only need Internet connection in the new one and connect your IP PBX and phone devices to have your entire phone system working in a moment.

No waiting times due to technicians and wiring, no problems of numbering availability. You will just need to have internet and connect your devices to keep working.

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