Cordless VoIP Phones

  • Grandstream WP820 (WiFi)

    Grandstream WP820 (WiFi)

    Cordless VoIP WiFi Grandstream WP820 phone, it connects directly using WiFi with no need of a phone base station. It has built-in Bluetooth to increase even more movement freedom when using headsets.  

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    215.90 €
  • Yealink W60P: pack W56H + W60B

    Yealink W60P: pack W56H + W60B

    Yealink VoIP phone for those who don't want to worry about the battery and need movement freedom. 

    Includes base station where you can add up to 8 handsets, 3 more than most cordless base stations.

    Stands out because of its battery, noise supresion, size and base station. 


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    135.00 €
  • Yealink W56H (extra handset)

    Yealink W56H (extra handset)

    Cordless VoIP phone to use with Yealink W60P base station. You can add up to 8 phones to each base station. 

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    95.00 €
  • Grandstream DP720 with dock station

    Grandstream DP720 with dock station

    This VoIP cordless phone Grandstream DP720 is perfect for user who normally move while talking over the phone. It's an easy to use VoIP phone for enterprise users who are looking for freedom of movement and features of professional phones.

    This product includes both the Grandstream DP750 handset and the Grandstream DP720 dock station, which supports up to 5 phones. 

    Plug&Play: we send it already configured with your Telsome details 

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    125.00 €
  • Grandstream DP720 (extra handset)

    Grandstream DP720 (extra handset)

    Cordless VoIP Grandstream DP720 phone to use with the dock station Grandstream DP750. This phone is perfect for you if you already have the Grandstream DP750 dock station and need more handsets for your users. 

    You can use up to 5 Grandstream DP720 handsets with the dock station; and each handset allows up to 10 accounts.


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    67.00 €

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