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We've extracted the following reviews from emails we exchanged with some of our user during the year 2015: 

*reviews have been translated to English

Carlos A. – Enterprise and residential user

Service: several SIP accounts with Asterisk PBX


I Telsome  for a long time.

I'm very satisfied and now it's allowing me save to save money in my Enterprice phone line's monthly invoices compared to my current provider (XXX), I've decided to use Telsome in my enterprise and I need to add some additional phone numbers to my account.  


Guillermo R. - Enterprise

Service: SIP Trunk

Good evening, 

Just wanted to tell you that I opened my account yesterday, as I wanted to make some tryouts with a Elastix based PBX and everything worked from the beginning, with no problems or incidents of any kind.

Congratulations for your service, it was particularly helpful the document about configuring the SIP Trunk you published in the website. 

Thanks, and I repeat, congratulations.


María Piedad R.  - Residential user

Service: VoIP Plan

Hello and good afternoon, 

I would like to know what is the procedure to change the owner details of the phone number I have with you; I'm already 75 years old and I would like to pass the ownership over to my son, who understands better these things, you know, the youth :)

Finally, I just wanted to tell you that, although we have been for only a short time, we are very happy.


Dani M. - Particular

Service: VoIP Plan


Firstly, congratulations for your excellent service! I used it for a while when I was in Spain and I've been now using it for some months at home.

Nonetheless, I would like to delete the line as I no longer need the service and I don't know when I will need it again.  Therefore, I will be pleased if you'd delete my phone line. 

Take for certain that I will keep recommending your service to friends and colleagues and that, if I need VoIP in the future, you are the first choice!


Ángel I. – Residential

Service: VoIP plan

Thank you very much! I wasn't at home! I've already seen that you've activated an incoming rule so that all phone calls from extension 1 are forwarded to extension 2.

I've changed my second phone (the one ended in 88) to the extension 2 so that when someone calls the phone number ending in 88 sounds in the extension 2; and when calling to the 71 sounds in both extensions. 

I'm very pleased with your service. Is like having a PBX at home. The reason I'm writing to you is that yesterday I made a request by mistake to cancel the number 91 7xx xx xx. Could you cancel the request? 

I love the new website, keep on the good work! 

Greetings from a satisfied customer


Marcos A. - Advertising agency

Service: VoIP plan

We are pleased with the service, for now everything works a lot faster compared to our previous VoIP provider. 


Grabriel P. – Residential

Service: VoIP Plan

Thanks, I've just configured my SIP account on my first attempt and without problems. I'm coming from XXXX and what a difference! You are much better! Clear and easy to find instructions. 




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