VoIP phones for the person in charge of answering incoming calls and transfering them to the right person. VoIP phones designed to help receptionists. 

These phones help the receptionist and speeds up call management. 

They all have extension keys (BLF):

  • Add colleagues extensions for speed dial and call transfer
  • Select the phone based on the phone extensions you need to add to it (BLF keys) 
  • Receptionist pack

    Receptionist pack

    Complete receptionist pack that will help them attend a higher volume of phone calls. Thanks to it's 40 extension keys they will be able to know if users are available or busy and call them / transfer calls really fast. 

    • Grandstream GXP2140
    • Grandstream GXP2200EXT - 40 extensions configurable
    • You can add more extension modules to use up to 160 extension keys

    telefono ip recepcionista con teclas de extensión Telsome

    More specifications
    274.00 €
  •  VoIP Phone Grandstream GXP1630

    VoIP Phone Grandstream GXP1630

    • 3 SIP accounts
    • 8 BLF keys
    • ​3 programmable context sensitive soft keys
    • Not compatible with BLF extension modules
    More specifications
    86.90 €
  • VoIP Phone Grandstream GXP2140

    VoIP Phone Grandstream GXP2140

    • 4 SIP accounts
    • BLF: you can add expansion modules
    • 3 programmable context sensitive soft keys
    • Add up to four GXP2200EXT modules to view up to 160 lines
    More specifications
    140.00 €
  • Expansion Module Grandstream GXP2200EXT

    Expansion Module Grandstream GXP2200EXT

    Expansion module for recepcionists and users who handle a high volumen of phone calls and call transfers. The user will be able to call and transfer phone calls really fast by adding up to 40 contacts keys. 

    Compatible with VoIP Phones: Grandstream GXP220, GXP2140 ,GXP2170 y GXV3240

    Compatible con los teléfonos IP Grandstream GXP2170GXP2140 ,GXP2170 GXV3240

    More specifications
    135.00 €
  • Yealink EXP38

    Yealink EXP38

    Perfect for receptionists and anyone who needs to make lots of call transfers/diverts, this expansion module for VoIP Yealink phones improves phone support. It will simplify the job by transferring and diverting calls just pressing one button.

    It will allow you to avoid losing phone calls, work faster and shortening waiting times for your customers.

    It features 38 programmable keys. Each one with a led light in 2 colors (red and green) to let you know if a phone line is or not busy in order to transfer a call or make note of it. It helps you in your job and improves customer care and phone support.

    More specifications
    84.90 €
  • Yealink EXP39

    Yealink EXP39

    If you need to speed up phone communications you should be using this expansion module Yealink EXP39. It will help the employee handle phone calls easier and faster, making him or her more efficient and increasing productivity.

    With a normal phone, even a VoIP phone, you may have to press many keys in order to transfer a call or do another function. But imagine being able to do transfer a call by just pressing one key.Do you think call management will be faster?

    This expansion module has 20 programmable keys to make each one of them do the function you need. And furthermore, it has an LCD screen that shows which function has each of the keys. And each key has 2 led lights, green a red, to show if it’s busy or available.

    If you need extra keys you can switch the screen to add 20 extra keys: 40 keys in total.

    This expansion module is compatible with Yealink phones SIP-T29G, T28P, T27P y T26P. You can chain 6 Yealink EXP39 up to add extra functionalities.

    More specifications
    114.90 €
  • Yealink EXP40

    Yealink EXP40

    Add more functionalities to your Yealink SIP-T46G and SIP-T48G VoIP phones with this expansion module Yealink EXP40. It features 40 programmable keys and a great design with an LCD screen.

    Make call management easier and faster and program each key with the function you need: call transfer, speed dialing, forward, pick up, etc. .

    More specifications
    109.90 €

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