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Quick Guide, PBX

Quick guide for controling your PBX with the keypad

With Telsome PBX you can access the following features by pressing keys on your device: 

  • VoIP Phone
  • Traditional phone connected to an ATA adapter
  • Softphone


Pick up phone calls of other extensions

*21- Picks up any phone call of the organization

*21(numer called)- Picks up the incoming phone call to the number dialed with is ringing in any extension.

*21(EXTENSION NUMBER)- Picks up the phone call of the extension dialed.


Other features

*66- Calls the last incoming missed phone call number           

*85- Enables anonymous phone calls

*65  Disables anonymous phone calls.


Call parking

#2- Sends your current phone call to parking.

*221- Unparks the first phone call found in parking.

*225- Unparks an specified phone call in parking.

*229- Unparks the last parked call.


Call transfer

#1(phone number / extension) . Transfers the phone call directly to the phone number / extension dialed.

*2(phone number / extension)- Transfers the phone call, allowing you to speak with the dialed phone number / extension before transfering the call. To transfer the call once you have spoken you have to hang up.


Call waiting

 *71- Enables Call Waiting

 *70- Disables Call Waiting


DND: Do Not Disturb

 *78- Enables the DND feature

*79- Disables the DND feature



*95- You can access to your voicemail messages.

*950- Enable/disable voicemail

*95(extension number)- Makes a direct call to your extension voicemail


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