The Payments can be made through different payments options.


Servired payment gateway. We have no access to your credit card information in any moment. How ever, if you have any doubts or problems do not hesitate in contacting us


Please note that the bank transfer orders should be done on the website and are pending for payment during 4 working days. After that the order will be deleted if it hasn't yet been paid. Please make the bank transfer as soon as possible. If you make a transfer from another Bank, the transfer might take 24 /48 hours in reaching our account.

  • The bank transfer receipt is not accepted for order validation, and the order will not be validated before the transfer has reach our account.
  • If you have made a bank transfer from Bankinter or if you have paid in cash in a Ibercaja office, the payment will be validated within 24 hours.
  • If you have made the transfer from another Bank it may take from 1-3 days for it to reach our account.


you can also use PayPal as a secure payment option, where foreign Credit Cards also are accepted.


Automatic Payments

Is a prepaid service that saves your information to make an automatic payment for the amount you have established once your credit has reached the minimum you have decided.

1. You choose your payment option

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal

2. A payment platform collects your data

3. You decide how much credit you want to top up each time

4. When your balance is under the amount you have established, the payment is done automatically.

5. Your receive an email with the payment information


Is the most comfortable and easiest payment method: you won´t have to worry about having credit and you won´t have to lose any time topping up your credit. 




To activate the post-payment method you need to contact us by email or by opening a ticket from your online account. You also need to have a Spanish bank account and forward us this direct debit form. 

In order to be post-paid user you need to consume at least 6.05€ VAT included every month. If a user does not reach that monthly minimum consumption, the difference between his consumption (monthly fee included)  and the minimum consumption will be charged.  

In case a payment is returned by your bank you will be charged with 7€ + VAT due to management and bank costs. 

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