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Become a partner

Improve your customers' communications and build loyalty

ingresos con telefonía para empresas

Channel partners

Expand you revenue and increase your customer loyalty by improving their communications with the Central-SIM phone system.

alianzas tecnológicas con telefonía Telsome

Technology Alliances

The future is cloud and if your software is online we should work together to help enterprises.

instalación de SIP Trunks

SIP Trunk for PBX

Install our SIP Trunk in your customer PBX and ensure their telecommunications.

Distribute telecommunications to enterprises

Offer telephony to enterprises and start earning revenue for each one of them for years.

Cloud PBX: the service that is replacing all the traditional phone systems

Cloud PBX is the present and future of enterprise telephony and has been growing unstoppable in the last 10 years and is still growing. All enterprises are migrating their traditional phone systems to the cloud and those who haven't done it yet are, for sure, going to switch to Cloud PBX soon. The reason is that traditional PBX are becoming old and obsolete and Cloud PBXs solve the same needs in improved ways and at a better price.

Full telephony service for enterprises+ info

Central-SIM PBX service includes everything enterprises need for their telecommunicactions:

  • Fixed phone numbers
  • Mobile plans
  • PBX
  • IVR
  • Queues
  • Much more

Revenue for years+ info

  • You generate revenue with each enterprise based on monthly fixed rates and calls.
  • Your revenue increases as your customers increase the number of phone extensions, add services to the PBX and call more.

More than 15 years of experience in cloud communications+ info

  • When joining Telsome you get a partner with over 15 years of experience in VoIP telephony.
  • Our percentage of retention of customers with Central-SIM is 99% thanks to a great service, a great customer support and good practices.

We take care of the billing and support+ info

  • As our partner you only have to sell our services and the following involvement depends on you.
  • Telsome professionals will take care of the customers: set the PBX, support, billing, etc.
  • You get constant income as the customer is using the Central-SIM PBX.

Online Extranet+ info

  • You gain access to your extranet where you can check the full list of your customers and invoices.

Types of Telsome Partners

sales representatives telephony b2b

B2B telephony sales representatives

  • Specialists in professional telephony that are looking forward updating the service they sell with Hosted PBX
technology consultants

Technology consultants

  • Professionals guiding organizations during their digital transformation to help then achieve their goals with technology-based solutions.
internet providers

Internet Providers

  • Help your customers get the full connection service by providing them with professional telephony with us and improve your customer loyalty.
it professionales partnering phone company

IT Professionals

  • Professionals setting up and maintaining IT systems for enterprises that see in VoIP telephony the future of communications.

Technology Alliances

Gain visibility and get more users to use your service

Get your software/hardware authorized by Telsome+ info

  • Our customers are more likely to use software and hardware we trust and recommended.
  • You gain visibility to the right users and enterprises.

Integrate your service with us using APIs+ info

  • Increase even further your software solutions by adding telephony to it.

Become Allies+ info

  • Do you have any other kind of collaboration in mind? Let's talk

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