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Mobile telephony

The only mobile lines that are really for professionals

tarjeta sim telefonía móvil empresas

SIM card Telsome

You get your Telsome SIM card with a new number or portability and insert it in your smartphone.

llamadas ilimitadas telefonía móvil

No apps needed

You do everything with your mobile line: you don't have to use any app and neither the Interent connection..

extensión de la centralita móvil

Short number

It works as a PBX phone extension and you can answer phone calls from the fixed number, transfer phone calls and much more.

Features of Central-SIM mobile

Unlimited minutes+ info

  • Unlimited minutes to national fixed and mobile numbers
  • Subject to the fair usage policy

Short extension number and mobile number+ info

  • Each user will have a SIM card with a mobile phone number (new or portability) and a short extension number for internal calls.
  • Users will be able to speed up calls to colleagues by dialing just 3 digits.

Transfer phone calls to other extensions and phone lines+ info

  • Users will be able to transfer phone calls to colleagues when necessary from their mobile lines with no need of apps.

Get your office phone calls in your mobile line+ info

  • You will be able to answer phone calls that you get in your business phone number directly in your mobile with no need of Internet connection, apps and with no extra charge.

Get someone in your office answer certain mobile phone calls + info

  • If a customer is calling you to your mobile phone number and you can't answer it at that moment you can just hang up and someone in your office will answer it for you. No more missing phone calls.

Mobile telephony Plans

Only with Central-SIM& Freelance Central-SIM services

On the Go

  • Unlimited minutes

  • 2GB



  • Unlimited minutes

  • 4GB



  • Unlimited minutes

  • 6GB



  • Unlimited minutes

  • 10 GB



*Unlimited minutes subject to the fair usage policy

Frequently asked Questions:

Are mobile numbers new or portability

You have both options: you can port your numbers or get new ones.

Which network does it use?

We use Orange network for mobile telephony.

Do I need to use any app or software?

No, you don't need any app or software to use Telsome mobile lines.

I already have a PBX, how do I hire mobile lines?

You can buy them from your online account by clicking in "Buy Products and services" and selecting the mobile plans you prefer.

Is there any extra charge to get phone calls from the PBX in the mobile lines?

No, inbound calls in your mobile line have no cost, no matter if they are calling you to your mobile number or it's a phone call coming from your PBX.

Can I buy a mobile plan with no PBX?

No, but if you are a freelance you have an special plan with mobile line and PBX from 30€/month


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