How to connect your Cisco Spa 112 adapter

Quick and easy

The Adapter Cisco Spa 112 converts you analog phone into a VoIP telephone allowing you to safe money and keep using the devices you already have. You can even use your wireless analog phone with the Cisco adapter to call using VoIP.

We send you the adapter preconfigured with your Telsome account details so that you don´t need to worry about configurations. Once you receive your VoIP adapter you will just need to:

  1. Plug it into your router
  2. Plug your phone to the adapter
  3. Wait untill 3 lights turn on if you have connected one telephone.
    1. Wait util 4 light turn on if you have connected 2 telefophones
  4. Your analog telephone is ready to start using VoIP!

telsome cisco spa voip adapter

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