What is a Hosted PBX and Prices

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Hosted PBX help enterprises manage their phone system by creating phone extensions, adding phone numbers, call queues, automatic attendant and routing phone calls.

Enterprises can manage easily and with no need of technical knowledge their hosted PBX (and therefore their phone system) from their online control dashboard.

Hosted PBX is a cloud based service and all extensions connect to it through the Internet. Both incoming and outgoing phone calls connect through the virtual PBX that handles them as configured. 

centralita virtual conecta oficina con telefonía ip e internet telsome

There are exceptions about the need of an Internet connection in order to use a Hosted PBX phone system and there are also Mobile PBX where the mobile lines work also as PBX extensions and can get the enterprise inbound phone calls. 

1. What can I do with a Hosted PBX

The hosted PBX provides phones lines, numbers, aumatizes and customise phone calls and routing and adds lots of features that are a great advantage for time optimization and gain de loyalty of customers

Each VoIP Provider offers hosted PBX with different features but these are the main actions you can do with most of PBXs:

Multiple phone lines and number+ info

Hosted PBX is a full phone service for businesses that provides the enterprise with as many phone lines and phone numbers and needed with no need of buying any service with other providers.

It is very important in businesses that phone lines don't get  fill up so that customers can keep calling, they are happy and, therefore, you increase sales. And employees can call even if most of their colleagues are already talking on the phone.  

Phone numbers in hosted PBX sometimes are called virtual phone numbers as they are not linked to a location but are in the cloud. And there are still regular phone numbers and can be called at the same rates and also moved from provider to provider

Play automated greetings+ info

With a hosted PBX you improve your image in every phone call thanks to automated greetings. Furthermore, you can automate which greeting to play based on contexts such as working hours, days, phone number that has been called and many more. 

Create phone extensions for users​+ info

Each employee of the enterprise has its own phone extension, which is a short phone number that allows to call and get phone calls, both from inside the company and outside. Furthermore, you can even know if the phone extension is already on the phone before calling it.  

Hosted PBXs allow you to add more and more extensions as needed easilly with no need of replacing the PBX. This can be a decision making point in growing businesses as new employees are being hired and the phone system needs to keep the rithm. 

There are also different types of extensions: traditional ones, that can only be online in one device at a time; and multiSIP, that can be registered and online in several devices at the same time so that can users can use the one that fits them better at a given moment, such as travelling, working remotely or being in the office. 

Use phone numbers from other countries+ info

Most PBX provide phone numbers from other countries. It's usual in enterprises operating internationally to be more trustworthy and help customers get in touch. 

If you had a French phone number, for example, people in France can call you to that phone number with no extra charge for them, as they are calling a phone number from their country, and with no extra cost for you, as you are getting an incoming call and that has no cost. 

Automate annual holidays+ info

You can automate every holiday in the year so that nothing is left for later or forgotten. When there are several locations the usual thing is to redirect certain holidays to other locations that are open during local holidays.

Automate working hours & days+ info

You can set up working hours and days so that the phone system adapts to your business schedules. When someone calls during working hours the calls are redirected to workers while if they call when your business is closed it can play a special greeting and end up in the voicemail.

IVR menu option+ info

Call transfer+ info

You can transfer phone calls to colleagues so that they can continue helping the customer. Very useful to improve customer satisfaction as customers won't have to hang up and call again in order to get to the right departments or person.

Every PBX include call transfer and there are some advanced ones that can transfer phone call to phone numbers that are not from the same PBX.

Route phone calls to a group of agents+ info

Las colas de espera permiten enviar las llamadas a departamentos enteros y distribuirlas entre los trabajadores de distintas formas: que suene en todos los teléfonos disponibles o establecer prioridades.

Las colas de espera reducen los tiempos de espera de quien llama y además permiten personalizarlas mediante música y mensajes personalizables.

Unify offices and remote professionals+ info

You can use a single hosted multilocation PBX for every location.  Every location is connected to the same PBX althought they can work fully independent from each other It is very usual to use multilocation PBX to make it easier to handle the whole phone system, improve features and reduce costs. 

At the same time remote employees can use their PBX phone extension to communicate both with colleagues and with customers. They can even use their mobile lines as regular extension so that they don't have to rely on their mobile Internet connection. 

Advanced configurations+ info

Some hosted PBX can use thousands of set-ups to receive phone calls and can be fully adapted to any kind of business.

2. How does a virtual PBX work?

centralitia virtual telefonía ip funcionamiento en la nube empresas Telsome

Your hosted PBX contains all your phone numbers and information about how to handle phone calls. It also provides phone line to each extension.

Each phone call that is done from and to the enterprise goes through the PBX. Based on different rules it decides what to do with the phone call, which locutions to show and much more.

Phone extensions are always connected to the hosted PBX through the Internet. This allows enterprises with offices in different locations to share the same PBX to handle all phone calls and to provide phone line to every extension.

Each time someone calls the enterprise the hosted PBX handles the call and checks different information such as the phone number they've called, the date and time to decide how to manage the phone call. Then it will show a locution and route the phone call to the pertinent department/extension.


When a user makes a phone call the hosted PBX will specify the public phone number it must show. PBX can also block certain phone calls based on destination or in time and date.

3. 3. Hosted PBX Requirements

1. Internet Connection

Extensions need to connect to the hosted PBX through the Internet to have phone line.

Internet connection types:

  • Fiber: its the recommended Internet connection with PBX.
  • ADSL: you may not have great audio quality.
  • 4G:  you may not have great audio quality.
  • WiMAX:  you may not have great audio quality.
  • 3G:  you may not have great audio quality.

The bandwidth needed for your VoIP system depends on the number of simultaneous calls that are going to be done. For each phone call it's recommended 1mbps down/up. 


2. Devices to handle phone calls

Hosted PBX users need to have devices with Internet access to use the VoIP line service:

  • VoIP phones. The most recommended choice, best quality and features.
  • Mobile lines. Receive PBX phone calls with no need of apps or Internet connection. 
  • VoIP ATA adapter. Allows you to use conventional phones with VoIP. Not recommended for professional use.
  • Softphones en ordenadores / smartphones. Softphones are apps/programs that emulate phones and allow you to answer and make VoIP phone calls with your computer or smartphone.

4. Cornerstones of hosted PBX providers

1. Features

Not every PBX include the same features so it is very importante that the one you get has those you need. Sometimes, based on the provider, you can add more features for a small price. 

There are also providers that are regularly developing new phone features and their PBX keep improving as time goes on. 

2. Who sets up the PBX? 

Some PBX include the set up and other don't. If the set-up its not included someone in the enterprise will have to learn how to do it and make sure how to make the call routing with no mistakes.  If the set-up is included there is no risk of setting it up wrongly and there is no need to invest time in 

3. Hosted PBX provider

It's very importante to select the right PBX provider. Every year new PBX provider are rised and every year some PBX providers close.  

Recomendation from colleagues, reviews, years of experience, if they are just PBX providers or also mobile operators show the level of commitment to professional telephony. 

4. Customer and tech support

In business communications delays in solution or modification requests by providers can generate big problems that no enterprise wants to suffer. Therefore, it's important for more businesses to hire a provider with good customer and tech support.

THe best way to know in advance how a customer or tech support is by trying the service before even hiring them and contacting the company by all the available methods.

5. Servers in Spain

Hosted PBX servers should be located in the same country the business operates as it will improve sound quality and will be harder to experience delay related problems.

5. Phone numbers for Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX accept more types of phone numbers than traditional ones and this it's really useful to get closer to customers and get more phone calls.

Spanish geographic phone numbers+ info

As with traditional PBX, hosted PBX provide fixed phone numbers from each Spanish province. It's possible to both hire new numbers or port the existing ones with most PBX providers.

901, 902 y 900 phone numbers+ info

Although special phone numbers are being used less and less for the overcharge for the caller, you can use this kind of numbers with hosted PBXs.

International phone number+ info

Businesses operating on other countries can use phone numbers from those countries with their PBX.

When using a phone number from another country it is very likely that more people will call your business. For the customer, the price of calling your international phone number will be the same as a local phone number, and for the enterprise there won't be any extra cost when answering those phone calls.

Nomad phone numbers+ info

This numbers start with 51 yand they don't belong to any location.

Portability+ info

You can port phone numbers fromt traditional PBX to hosted PBX and also from hosted PBX to traditional ones.

6. Types of PBX

Traditional hosted PBX

The traditional hosted PBX is that in which users use VoIP Phones or softphones for inbound and outbound phone calls. . The phone operator provides the credentials to set up the VoIP phones, that work over the Internet connection.

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Mobile hosted PBX

Instesad of using VoIP phones or softphones mobile hosted PBX use mobile lines for inbound and outbound phone calls. Unlike traditional hosted PBX that could be used in phones using apps and working over the Internet connection, mobile hosted PBX work in the mobile line with no need of Internet or apps as the phone line is part of the PBX.

It's the best PBX when mobility is requiered for some users as they won't have sound issues while being out of the office as can happen with apps.

There aren't that many providers with mobile hosted PBX as they must be both fixed telephony and mobile telephony operators and it's a high level integration between both systems.

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Mobile-fixed hosted PBX

This is the hosted PBX that has a full integration with mobile lines and can be used, at the same time, with regular VoIP phones. It's very usual in enterprises that have both office and remote employees. This way each user has the device that fits best and improves productivity.


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Multilocation hosted PBX

These are hosted PBX that can both work together for every location, fully independent or in between to get the most out of it. Instead of buying a PBX for each location, these works for all of them, allowing to have the same structure, support, and even make internal phone calls among locations by short phone numbers.

It unifies every location and goes further as it cut costs by deleting duplicities and internal phone calls are free.

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Freelancers PBX

These PBX have been designed specifically for freelancers who take care of their image and want the comfort of being able to help their customers using a PBX with their mobile phone.

Freelancers PBX includes both the unlimited mobile line and a PBX with a fixed phone number. And everything used within the mobile.


6. Hosted PBX migration process

These step may change based on the provider and also on who is the responsible of setting up the hosted PBX system. .

Telsomes' hosted PBX is a easy migration included PBX as is Telsome the one taking care of the whole process. The business migrating the telephony only has to plug in the phones and everything else is done by Telsome, including phones set-up, PBX set-up and portabilities.


1. Buy a hosted PBX and VoIP phones

Buy a hosted PBX and phones with a Professional phone provider. If you are going to use softphones you can now also decide which one to use.


2. Set up the hosted PBX and all the phone extensions

The hosted PBX must be set up in order to work as expected and improve customer service and user experience.


3. Set up the phone devices

VoIP phone devices need to be set up with each phone extension and, normally, need further configuration in order to make them work within a network. The enterprise can get the phone devices already working and they just need to plug them to start using them when buying them with certain phone providers.


4. Test, test, test

Once everything is set up you get to the testing interval. During it you should try different situations to check if everything is working as expected and if there have been situations that you didn't think about or there are other situations that have to be rethought in order to make it easier for users.


5. Portability

Port the phone numbers to the new phone provider. As the PBX and phones are already working, once the number port no one will notice the difference and there should be no phone interruptions.


6. Divert phone calls to the new hosted PBX before migration

When diverting phone calls you start using the new PBX before the phone number is ported and this way you don't need to make a hard migration and rush the set up when the phone switched from one provider to the new one. This way, once your phone number moves to the new one everything is already working.


7. Migration success

Once the phone numbers have moved to the new provider, the migration has finished and the business is using the new hosted PBX


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