Small Business PBX
Up to 15 phone users

For businesses looking to improve their systems and be more efficient

cut costs with Telsome PBX

Save money on every invoice

Cut phone monthly costs by switching from traditional landlines to the cloud with Central-SIM.

Businesses become more eff with PBX

Improve efficiency 

You get a service that will not become obsolete in the future years, that is 100% scalable, that is frecuently upgraded and that adds new features.

Central-SIM help you improve your productivity

Increase productivity

Central-SIM helps users handle phone calls faster in order to keep customers happy and save time to the employees and the business.

Small Business Central-SIM

3 fixed phone numbers

New or portability

15 phone extensions

You can all speak at the same time | Transfer phone calls | Mobility


Welcome messages| working hours & days & holidays| IVR | Call routing| Queues | Set up included

We help you grow will professional telephony


Features you get

  • Phone numbers
  • Phone lines & simultaneous calls
  • IVR menu
  • Customizable messages
  • Calls queues and ringing strategies
  • Working days and holidays
  • Voice2mail
  • Calls transfer & divert
  • Call & queues call reports
  • Full Central-SIM control via web
  • Full set up

Premium features 

Improve your Business with Central-SIM.

Call us now on our cost-free phone number 91 629 00 44

VAT not included

SME PBX as a Marketing Tool

"We associate welcome messages, IVR option menu and music on hold to big enterprises and, therefore, with professionalism. "

In marketing there are lots of strategies and techniques to improve the perception customers have about businesses and about what to buy.

When the main contact method between customers and your business is the phone line you have to take the phone system it to the next level to seduce the customer on every call.

As users we are used to be greeted by a professional automated welcome message when we call big enterprises. It's normally just big enterprises and phone providers the ones that greet you this way.

But now small businesses also have access to the same phone features as enterprises thanks to Virtual PBXs. Customers calling businesses with a vPBX are greeted in the exact same way as when they call big companies and get a great impression even before talking to a sales representative.

Key points to sell more when using a PBX system

By using a PBX you control the image that callers have about your business in every phone call. Automated greetings and other features help you overtake your competitors.


In order to make your customers understand the quality of your product you have to work on every aspect around your business. Not only the products you sell or the services you provide have to be excellent: everything must be perfect.

Our PBX allows you to customise your welcome message and even play the right one based on different conditions.


PBX helps you decrease waiting times for customers and, at the same time, saves time to your employees.

The IVR menu diverts phone calls automatically based on the intention of the caller and connects the call with the right agent to help him get the right help really fast.

Customer support

A main point in order to provide a good customer support is to have a phone system capable of managing every simultaneous call you get.

The call queue manages these phone calls and diverts them among the available agents. If they are all busy, the queue will be checking the agents status. Once one is available, the PBX will divert the call to the agent.

The most used PBX set-up in SMEs

The system checks the date, the day of the week and the time

The PBX checks if we are getting a phone call during working hours or not. If someone calls when we are closed it will play a message with your custom message and will send the phone call to the voicemail.

If we are in working hours it will play the welcome message and check for more conditions for the call routing.

Availability & routing

The PBX checks if there are employees available. If there are, the phone call will ring in their phones at the same time or in the stablished secuence. If there are no available users, the queue will keep the caller on hold with music until someone can answer the call.

Usual variations

Its also usual in SMEs to get all phone calls in reception and then divert them manually to the right users of departments.

It's also normal to use an IVR menu so that the caller can select which department they want to talk to and the PBX will connect the call with an agent from that department automatically.

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