Pay per use Hosted PBX

Central-SIM per use

For enterprises that get many phone calls and don't call that much

Big saving

Pay based on your outbound phone calls and have a minimum monthly fee

Use your own devices

You can buy us the phones to get them already set up and have supportor you can set up the extensions on your own devices.

Add mobile extensions

You can add mobile plans and use them as extensions for users who require mobility

What is the Pay Per Use PBX

It's the perfect hosted PBX for enterprises who make just some calls and would rather pay per phone call in order to have a small monthly fee. Also for enterprises that already have their own phone devices and want to improve the service. The PBX includes:

  1. Fixed virtual number
  2. Full Hosted PBX
  3. Phone extensions
  4. Simultaneous calls

Pay per Use PBX features

Includes all the features the Central-SIM PBX includes:

Included Features

  • Full IVR
  • Advanced automated days and hours
  • Online PBX Dashboard
  • Call Detail Record
  • Call Queue and Queue Statistics
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail
  • Encrypted phone calls
  • Smart call forwarding rules
  • 3 way conference, DND, anonymous calls
  • Welcome messages and music on hold
  • Check full list


  • Call recording
  • International phone numbers
  • Advanced Reports
  • Smart IVR
  • Automated Surveys
  • Conference room
  • Special phone numbers

Spanish rates

teléfono fijo


1,5 cents/min

teléfono móvil


6 cents/min



11 cents call set-up

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1. Select the number of extensions you need:


Mobile Plans

2. Do you need phones?

Professional Phone

Grandstream GXP1625

Advanced Phone

Grandstream GXP1782

High-end Phone

Grandstream GXP2135

Receptionist Phone

Grandstream GXP2140 + extensions module

Cordless Phone

Yealink W60P


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Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own phones?

Yes, as far as the phones use SIP accounts and you can set them up you can use them.

How long does it take to make it work?


  • Less than 48 ours if you get new numbers and you use your own devices.
  • 3-5 days if you buy us the phones: you will just have to plug them in to start using them.
  • 5 days if it includes portability.


What do I need to use it?

Fiber Internet connection and VoIP devices.

Telsome VoIP phones include set up and support.

Can I get the PBX phone calls on Telsome mobile plans?

Yes, you can answer phone calls on your Telsome mobile plan. Check more info at mobile PBX.

Are phone calls among PBX users free?

Yes, phone calls among PBX users are free.


Is there any minimum duration?

No, you only need to have in mind that, if you buy the phones with a 18 months payment and you decide to move to another provide or cancel the service, you will have to finish the payments of the phones you already have. You can use these phones with other providers.

How do I start?

Contacta con nosotros por teléfono llamando al 900 908 999, email, o rellenando el formulario de contacto para contratar.

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