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PBX Telephony

One phone system for the whole enterprise

unifica la telefonía de todas las sedes

Unify locations

Every location of your enterprise will share the same phone system and gain the benefits from it: better features, global call routing, extension dialing, call transfer and much more.

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Easy maintenance

You IT department will be able to easily manage the whole telephone system from one dashboard and with the help from Telsome IT crew.

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Cut costs

Save money by buying one phone system for the whole company instead of buying one per location. You cut costs in monthly rates, maintenance, call rates and this, annually, is a lot of money.

Unify the whole telephony system

The multilocation Central-SIM is the Unified communications PBX selected by enterprises that have several locations and are looking forward unifying all of them under a powerful phone system that can help them improve how they use their phone lines in their daily basis, make it easy to IT to handle everything and cut telephony costs.

Easy Maintenance

You will have the support of a technicians team that know the set up of your whole enterprise phone system as they will be the professionals that have set it up. And you will be able to contact this team if there is any event at any location.

Set up included + info

The initial set up is crucial when moving from one system to a new one and no one wants to risk it. That's why we set everything up for you so that there is no place for mistakes that can happend when learning a new platform. Once everything is working it's easier to learn how the phone platform works and start with small changes with our help.

100% Scalable + info

You can add up more extensions and locations at any point and even add extra features with no need of buying additional hardware.

Maintenance and updates included+ info

We update and improve the system and the PBX. Firmware from phone devices is tested in Telsome and automatically upgraded on your phones via provisioning.

Cut global costs

You drastically cut costs by deleting duplicities of PBX per locations and deleting expensive RDSI and digital/analog phone connections.

Free phone calls among locations+ info

Internal phone calls among extensiones, fixed numbers and mobiles of the enterprise are free, even when you divert phone calls from one location to another.

Flat rates shared among locations and users+ info

Flat rates are shared among every locations which leads to better prices. Furthermore, calls among Central-SIM locations and even to mobile users of the enterprise have no cost at all.

You don't duplicate maintenance costs+ info

You no longer need to hire different enterprises or technicians to maintain your PBX per location because everything is unified and we take care of it.

Improve user experience

Users can dial the phone extension to communicate with colleagues, even if they are using mobile phones.

Phone transfer among locations+ info

Users from one location can transfer phone calls to colleagues from other locations in order to provide customers the best support.

Busy light field+ info

You can set up busy light fields in phones to know if extensions from other locations are busy or available before calling or transfering them phone calls. This feature is really useful for recepcionists.

Fixed & Mobile extensions+ info

Central-SIM multilocation can include even mobile lines that work as another phone extension of the company, so employees can have a fixed phone extension and a mobile extension to be always available.

Conference room+ info

It allows remote teams to join in a phone conversation to inform and get instructions about their proyect. It saves time and makes it easy for remote teams to collaborate.

Increase your control over the phone system

You will have access 24/365 to the Global Control Panel of your phone system where you can set up everything: greeting/closed/holidays messages, call distribution, times and days, add and remove agents from queues, edit queues, check extensions and much more.

Backup among locations+ info

If there is any unexpected event or there is a local holiday you can divert phone calls from one location to another to keep customer service working.

Call usage reports+ info

Learn how your company uses the phone by checking the amount of calls by type and even by location, department and user. You can learn even how many phone calls weren't answered and the reason.

CDRs+ info

CDRs allow you to check all the phone calls done from your system and clasified them by different criteria, such as not answered, missed, external and much more.

Call queue reports+ info

With call queue reports you can understand better how your customer service is working and get the metrics of it, such as the average time users wait in the queue before speaking to a representative, average call duration, who is the best agent based on ansered calls and much more. All this information will help you to have happier customers.

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