More than 40 features included with our hosted PBX

Business hour rules

Set the days and hours during which callers can reach you. Set up different behaviours based on days and hours.

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IVR - Auto attendant

Create auto-attendant voice menus with different contexts and options. Redirect phone calls to different departements or extensions based on what they chose; show them a recorded message depending of the options choosed and much more.

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Call queues

Call queues collect incoming phone calls and distribute them to users.

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Custom messages

Set up custom messages to welcome your callers and to listen to when they call out of working hours.

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Call transfer

Transfer phone calls to other extensions or departents with your phone keys. Both direct transfer and attended ones are supported.

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Call screening

Filter the extensions phone calls so that the user can only call certain phone numbers (locals, nationals…). Block calls to high-rates numbers. Set a message to sound when users try to call a blocked phone number.

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Call forwarding

Forward your phone calls from one extension to another one or even to your mobile phone or landline and avoid losing phone calls.

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Modify caller ID

When you have different phone numbers with different providers and want to make the outgoing phone calls with Telsome to save money, you can ask us to change your caller ID for another phone number you have.

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Do not disturb

When active, callers will listen to a custom message and your extension will not ring. Really useful when you are busy or in a meeting. Activate: *78 ; Deactivate *79

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Each user gets it´s own voicemail. Receive voicemail notifications via email with the voice message attached. Listen to them from anywhere with your smartphone.

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Call queues distribution

Distribute phone calls from call queues to your agents following different rules, such as first available agent, following an order or making the phone call ring in all available extensions.

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Music on hold and sound files

Reinforce your brand image by customizing your phone calls with your own music on hold and sounds.

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Backup Lines

Set a backup line to avoid losing phone calls in case power outage or Internet connection goes down. Phone calls will be diverted automatically to the phone number you decided in those scenarios.

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Phone calls will be forwarded to other extensions or phone number after X seconds if no one answers.

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Simultaneous calls

Allow your staff to be using the phone at the same time. How many simultaneous cals do you need to have available? Add more as you need them.

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Call waiting and call hold

Answer to a new phone call and put on hold your current call; go back to the first call. Keep a call on hold and make a second outbound call.

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Charging Limits

Set up charging limits to keep control on your phone expenses.

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Call monitoring

Listen to your agents phone calls in real time in order to help them. Really usefull to train new employees.

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Whispering (soon)

Help your employees by talking to them while they are on the phone without the person on the other side of the line listening to you.

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3 way conference call

Keep a conversation on the phone with two other people at the same time. 

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Block certain phone numbers

Avoid being disturbed by certain phone numbers by simply blocking them.This way your phone number won´t ring.

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VIP List

When you set up incoming call rules you can make exceptions to certain phone numbers to avoid being affected by the rules. 

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Follow me / Find me

Divert phone calls to different phone numbers or devices and avoid losing phone calls, no matter where you are.

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Conditional call forwarding

Automatically forwards phone calls based on different rules, such as the phone number that is calling or the schedule.

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Extension dialling

Call other employees by just dialing their phone extension. No need to dial the phone number inside the company.

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Extension virtualization

Allows different employees with different schedules to share the same desk and phone and using their own phone extension.

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Spot if your collegues are on the phone or busy before transfering a phone call.

Intercom Group

Allows an extension to broadcast messages to groups of extensions. The administrator decides which extensions have this feature.

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Incoming phone calls filters

Filter incoming calls based on the phone number that is calling you, the time of the call and specify the performance.

Authorization to reach extension

Make sure you only receive important phone calls by asking callers a password to be able to reach you.

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Incoming caller ID

This features lets you know who is calling by showing your the caller ID.

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Call Labels

Allows you to see in advance which phone number they have called to, what department they have choosen or in wich language you have to answer.

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Call block / anonymous calling

Make anonymous phone calls by dialing *85 to activate it and *65 to deactivate it.

Call parking

It allows you to park multiple calls and let other user to pick them by other users.

Receive phone calls in your mobile phone

Forward your calls to your cell phone and don´t miss any call. You can also make it ring both in your landline and mobile phone simultaneously.

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Click to Call/ Call now

Insert a button on your website to allow callers ask you to call them. They will write their phone number and the system will call both the user and the enterprise to connect them.

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Send and receive faxex in your email. Easy to use and with no need of having a fax machine.

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Block extensions

Block phone extensions with a password to avoid other employees to use your phone when out of your working hours.

Free phone calls between Telsome users

Calling other Telsome´s users is free of charge: no connection or per second charges.

Free and unlimited internal phone calls

Internal calls are free of charge with no limit of minutes. This includes phone calls from different locations.

Remote configuration

Configure and make changes in your Hosted PBX from anywhere. You will just need to have Internet connection.

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