Mobile PBX

The hosted PBX that works on mobiles

movilidad en telefonía

Remote work: Answer phone calls from everywhere

You will be able to answer phone calls from your business phone number in your mobile line as if it was a fixed extension. And with no extra charge.

tarjeta SIM centralita móvil

Get by without buying and setting up fixed devices

You will get SIM cards to use on mobile phones to use both as a regular mobile line and a PBX extension.

telefonía móvil GSM

Forget about the need of Internet connection and apps

Mobile lines don't work over Internet connection and you ensure best voice sound quality everywhere at any time.

How do mobiles work with Central-SIM PBX?

Central-SIM with Mobile lines

1 fixed number

New or portabiliy

3 mobile lines

New numbers or portability | Unlimited phone calls* | 3GB

PBX features on your mobile lines

Incoming PBX phone calls | Transfer phone calls | Call divert | Full mobility | Short extension number

No Internet connection or use of apps needed


Voice greetings | automated days and hours | IVR option menu | Initial set up

We help you grow with professional telephony. From:


VAT not included

Main features you get

  • Fixed phone number
  • Lines and Simultaneous phone calls
  • Greeting messages
  • Music on hold
  • Queues
  • Workind hours and days and holidays
  • Voice2mail
  • Call transfer
  • Smart call forwarding rules
  • Online full PBX dashboard
  • Mobile plans with with 4G and unlimited phone calls

Premium features

What do our customers think about us?

Totem Abogados & Asesores

Good phone service with an efficient and resolute customer service at a great price

Central-SIM compatible phone extensions

Central-SIM allows you to select and combine different types of phone extensions to use the one that fits best each employee.


Telsome mobile with the plan you select. We send you the SIM card to use on your smartphones


Receptionist phones with speed dial, transfer and BLF. PlugandPlay


VoIP phones to be used in the office. Regular and cordless phones. PlugandPlay

Mobile apps

Although the great advantage of the Central-SIM mobile switchboard is that you can use the mobile as one more extension without the inconveniences of applications and their connectivity requirements, it is also compatible with the use of softphone applications. They are usually used when a mobile line is only used to make calls with the switchboard or when there is permanence with another company

What is the Mobile pbx

The mobile PBX is a hosted PBX where mobiles work as phone extensions.VoIP phones can also be used. Mobiles don't use Internet connection for the phone calls.

  • The mobile PBX manages phone calls and diverts them to the fixed or mobile extensions.
  • Mobile lines can be called directly using the mobile phone number and they can get incoming calls from the PBX.
  • Mobiles can transfer phone calls, divert them, get phone calls from the PBX and much more.

How do mobile extensions work?

They work as a mobile line

As with your current mobile plan, you get a SIM card to insert in your smartphone. Once you turn it on you get phone line, with a mobile phone number and 4G data.

They work as a PBX extension

As with a regular desktop phone extension, your mobile has a short phone number your colleagues can call you to, you get incoming calls from your PBX and you can even transfer them. It works just as a fixed phone extension

Benefits of using the Mobile PBX

You do not pay for internal calls: free+ info

  • All calls made from fixed extensions to mobiles and from mobiles to company extensions or landlines are totally free. So, calls between company workers are cost-free.

You get total mobility+ info

  • Telecommuting? Moving around while working? Taking calls while out of the office? All this and much more is made possible because mobile phones get to be part of the switchboard, which affords you total mobility and ensures no calls are missed.

You don't miss calls+ info

  • In addition to achieving total mobility, you can enroll mobiles in waiting queues and create various ringing strategies so that your business calls are always answered.

You don't need Internet+ info

  • Because Internet access is not required, these are regular calls and always heard with high sound quality. Being a regular mobile service is especially important, because the strength of an Internet connection can fluctuate and adversely impact call quality. However, because you are not using the Internet, you forget about that issue.

It's very easy and it requires no configuration+ info

  • IP phones require configuration. With mobiles, all you have to do is insert the Telsome SIM card and your extension will be working.

You unify everything: landline-mobile-switchboard + info+ info

  • Instead of having a telephone system where everything works dissociated almost as if it were not part of the same company, here you will have a telephone system where mobile phones are real extensions. They can transfer calls, receive calls from the switchboard, be part of waiting queues and ringing strategies, office schedules and much more. Definitely, what professional mobile lines should be.

Whatsapp+ info

  • Employees will have their own enterprise Whatsapp account to talk with customers.

The Mobile PBX is perfect for these enterprises

Enterprises with sale agents

  • Enterprises with sale agents or employees working in mobility, such as real state, logistics, delivery and others get huge advantage over their competitors by combining mobiles and PBX and helps them save lots of money by unifying everything.

Enterprises with warehouse or similars

  • In enterprises with warehouse is usual to have to go to the warehouse, and also warehouse managers must be available by phone extension. With mobile PBX people from the office will be able to move to the warehouse with no need of pausing the call; and warehouse managers will be always available.

Enterprises with bad Internet connection

  • Fiber Internet connection is still not available everywhere, and enterprises that don't have access to it can now use a PBX and manage several phone calls by using a professional PBX that does not rely on the Internet connection.

Enterprises looking for simplicity

  • Mobile extensions do not require configuration, we all know how to use an extension and you can carry your mobile extension with you in your pocket and talk while you move. The same as cordless phones but with many more benefits.

Frecuently asked questions

What does it include?

By default it includes a fixed phone number (new or portability), full hosted PBX Central-SIM, mobile plans you select with triple cut SIM card; y PBX set up so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Which network does it use?

We use the mobile coverage of Orange, both for voice and data. You should bear in mind that calls do not use the Internet. So, even if you don't have an Internet connection, you can keep on talking as long as you have normal coverage.

Do we need Internet connection for phone calls

No, you don't need Internet connection to talk on the mobile phone. Fixed and receptionists extensions do requiere Internet connection.

What do we need?

You just need smartphones. We will send you the SIM cards and you will get them in 2-3 days since buying the service.

Can I use iPhone and Android phones?

Yes, we give you a SIM card and you can use it in any mobile you want. It works on both iPhone and Android, no app download is required.

Is there a minimum number of mobile lines required in order to have a switchboard?

If you are self-employed you can contract a mobile line with Central-SIM, thereby enjoying all the advantages of a switchboard such as found in large companies.

Why should I buy a mobile PBX?

Because you will be able to:

  • Answer phone calls from out of your office
  • Use any mobile as a phone extension
  • Use a PBX even if you have a bad Internet connection

How long does it take to get it up and running?

2-3 days for new numbers, 5 days if the numbers are to be ported in. You won't be left without a working line because we do all the port-ins during the nighttime. Besides, we don't initiate port-in requests before you receive the SIM card, to make sure you never miss calls.

Are you interested in Mobile PBX?

Call us toll-free at 900 908 999

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