Mobile PBX

Central-SIM Mobile

The PBX where mobile lines work as extensions

Answer phone calls from everywhere

You will be able to answer phone calls from your business phone number in your mobile line as if it was a fixed extension. And with no extra charge.

Get by without buying and setting up fixed devices

You will get SIM cards to use on mobile phones to use both as a regular mobile line and a PBX extension.

Forget about the need of Internet connection and apps

Mobile lines don't work over Internet connection and you ensure best voice sound quality everywhere at any time.

What is the Mobile pbx

The mobile PBX is a hosted PBX where mobiles work as phone extensions.VoIP phones can also be used. Mobiles don't use Internet connection for the phone calls.

  • The mobile PBX manages phone calls and diverts them to the fixed or mobile extensions.
  • Mobile lines can be called directly using the mobile phone number and they can get incoming calls from the PBX.
  • Mobiles work as an office cordless phone and you add a huge mobility range as it's not connected to a base station and uses mobile network. The result is a mobile line with all mobile features and all good fixed extensions ones.

How do mobile extensions work?

Mobile extensions work in a easy and double way:

On one side, it's a mobile and works as a mobile: sim card, mobile phone number, unlimited calls and 4G data. Just as mobile lines in other companies.

On the other side, i'ts also a PBX extension and works as an extension: you get incoming phone calls from the PBX, transfer phone calls, and much more. And you gain a big advantage compared to cordless phones or mobile apps: you get full mobility as you use mobile network and there is no need of Internet connection.

You just have to insert the SIM card on a smartphone and enable it to start using it. The employee can be working with the computer and answer enterprises' phone calls from the mobile extension.

For receptionists we recommend the receptionist extension as they will be able to manage more phone calls in less time thanks to the 40 speed-dial keys with status indicator that you will have with it.

Mobile PBX Extensions

Whith the mobile PBX you decide what type of phone extension each user needs based on their job.


Telsome mobile with the plan you select.
We send you the SIM card to use on your smartphones


Receptionist phones with speed dial, transfer and BLF. Plug&Play


VoIP phones to be used in the office.
Regular and cordless phones. Plug&Play

Benefits of using the Mobile PBX

You can move while talking+ info

  • You will be able to stand up, walk, look through the window or whatever you want while talking on the phone as you will be cordless.

Answer phone calls while being out of your desk+ info

  • If you go out of your desk you will still be able to answer phone calls.

Use bluetooth headsets+ info

  • Almost every smartphone, if not all, include bluetooth and you will be able to use your phone extension with headsets at the best price and talk while having your hands free.

No set up required + info

  • You will just have to insert the SIM card to have the phone extension working on your smartphone.

Automatically divert phone calls to mobile extensions+ info

  • The mobile PBX can manage phone calls to divert them to the right person even if it's in a mobile phone. This saves lots of time to the enterprise and to customers.

Great voice quality+ info

  • As it does not rely on your Internet connection you will have the best sound quality even if there is no Internet at all.

Whatsapp+ info

  • Employees will have their own enterprise Whatsapp account to talk with customers.

Mobile PBX features

Includes all the features the Central-SIM PBX includes:

Included Features

  • Full IVR
  • Advanced automated days and hours
  • Online PBX Dashboard
  • Call Detail Record
  • Call Queue and Queue Statistics
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail
  • Encrypted phone calls
  • Smart call forwarding rules
  • 3 way conference, DND, anonymous calls
  • Welcome messages and music on hold
  • Check full list


  • Call recording
  • International phone numbers
  • Advanced Reports
  • Smart IVR
  • Automated Surveys
  • Conference room
  • Special phone numbers

The Mobile PBX is perfect for these enterprises

Enterprises with sale agents

  • Enterprises with sale agents or employees working in mobility, such as real state, logistics, delivery and others get huge advantage over their competitors by combining mobiles and PBX and helps them save lots of money by unifying everything.

Enterprises with warehouse or similars

  • In enterprises with warehouse is usual to have to go to the warehouse, and also warehouse managers must be available by phone extension. With mobile PBX people from the office will be able to move to the warehouse with no need of pausing the call; and warehouse managers will be always available.

Enterprises with bad Internet connection

  • Fiber Internet connection is still not available everywhere, and enterprises that don't have access to it can now use a PBX and manage several phone calls by using a professional PBX that does not rely on the Internet connection.

Enterprises looking for simplicity

  • Mobile extensions do not require configuration, we all know how to use an extension and you can carry your mobile extension with you in your pocket and talk while you move. The same as cordless phones but with many more benefits.

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Frecuently asked questions

What does it include?

By default it includes a fixed phone number (new or portability), full hosted PBX Central-SIM, mobile plans you select with triple cut SIM card; y PBX set up so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Which network does it use?


Is it free to get incoming calls in the mobile?

Yes, getting phone calls from your PBX on your mobile phone is free.

Do we need Internet connection for phone calls

No, you don't need Internet connection to talk on the mobile phone.

Fixed and receptionists extensions do requiere Internet connection.

How many extensions can we use on the Central-SIM PBX?

As many as you need; and at least 3 fixed ones or 1 mobile extension.

What do we need?

You just need smartphones. We will send you the SIM cards and you will get them in 2-3 days since buying the service.

Can we use any smarpthone ?

Yes, if you can use it with another mobile operator you can use it with use and the Central-SIM mobile PBX.

Why should I buy a mobile PBX?

Because you will be able to:

  • Answer phone calls from out of your office
  • Use any mobile as a phone extension
  • Use a PBX even if you have a bad Internet connection

How long does it take to have it working?

  • 2-3 days with new phone numbers
  • Around five day with portability. If you port your mobile lines we will send you the SIM cards and, once you have them, we will start with the portability. This way you ensure you don't change of company before getting the SIM Cards.
  • Use a PBX even if you have a bad Internet connection

How do I start?

Contact us on 900 908 999, by email or using any contact form

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