Hosted PBX migration Process 

1. Short introduction to Hosted PBX systems 

2. Required elements to use a Hosted PBX on the enterprise 

3. Migration and installation process


1. Short introduction to Hosted PBX systems

  1. A hosted PBX is a professional phone service stored on the cloud that provides phone line to enterprises and manages inbound and outbound calls.
  2. The hosted PBX receives all inbound calls and and divert them to phone numbers or extensions according to its set up.
  3. VoIP phones need Internet connection in order to work. 
  4. Enterprises with Hosted PBX do no neet to keep active the traditional landline: Telsome provides them with phone line over the Internet connection. 
  5. The phone number has to be port to Telsome in order to make the most of the hosted PBX. 


2. Required elements to use a Hosted PBX on the enterprise 

- Internet connection

- VoIP phones

3. Migration process to Hosted PBX 


1. Service activation

Activation is done on for hosted PBX up to 10 phone extensions.

For hosted PBX with more phone extensions you can contact us on 976 360 555 to enable it. 


2. Set an appointment (place and date) for equipment delivery

When buying VoIP phones its configuration is included. We set an appointment to deliver you the VoIP phones. 

Minimum 3 days delivery.


3. Hosted PBX working definition 

Telsome Hosted PBX includes its initial configuration:  

  • Extension creation, user details: names, emails.
  • Inbound call distribution 
  • Automated hours
  • Holidays
  • Security 
  • Audio recording: welcome message, close, holidays... (not included, we recommend you professional to chose from )


4. Equipment delivery ready to use: plug&play 

Plug&Play: already configured with each phone extension. 

* When buying phone terminals to other providers is the enterprise or the provider the responsible for the configuration. The enterprise will receive the details of each phone extension once created. 


*Telsome has configuration manuals for the main softphones for computers and smartphones. 


5. Hosted PBX activation with call divert 

Call divert activation from your current phone number to a provisional number to start using the hosted PBX and VoIP phones until the portability is done.  


6. Trial days and advanced configurations 

During the trial days the enterprise will discover configuration improvements that will help how they work. During these 15 days configuration modifications are included. 

Once trial days are over the enterprise will be responsible of making changes to their hosted PBX using the online control panel. 


7. Portability of phone numbers to Telsome

Portability takes about 5 working days since the enterprise send the portability files signed to Telsome.  

When the phone number changes from your previous company to Telsome the enterprise won't notice the change and won't have to make any changes. 


8. Closure of instalation process and valuation


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