Corporate PBX
Up to 400 phone users

For corporations looking for a customizable phone system that works

maxima personalización del funcionamiento de la centralita

Highest customization

Increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction by making Central-SIM manage phone calls the exact way your enterprise needs. 

Central-SIM accepts high level customazations over several parameters, such as caller & called number, hours & days, queues, users, languages and much more. 

Seguridad de continuidad telefónica

Full Control

Your IT team will have full control over the phone system via the Central-SIM control dashboard.

Furthermore, phone call analytics will help marketing, sales and customer measure actions in order to make improvements and achieve the best results. 

Cut monthly costs with Telsome PBX

Save money and resources

Switching from traditional landlines to Central-SIM can lead to a 70% of monthly savings in enterprises telephony.

Moreover, users and customers will save time thanks to automation and the IT team will have our IT support. 

Corporate Central-SIM

Fixed, 900 and international phone numbers

New or portability

Up to 400 extensions

Up to 400 channels | Automated provisioning | Tech support on phone equipment


Web full control | Guides | PBX management shared with Telsome IT team | Initial Set up  Call analytics sistems

Integrated mobile telephony

Telsome mobile lines| Phone extension | Call transfer| Extension dial

Te ayudamos a mejorar tus telecomunicaciones

Prestaciones que consigues

  • Phone numbers
  • Phone lines & simultaneous calls
  • IVR menu
  • Customizable messages
  • Calls queues and ringing strategies
  • Working days and holidays
  • Voicemail2Mail
  • Calls transfer & divert
  • Call & queues call reports
  • Full Central-SIM control via web
  • Full set up

Premium features

Improve your business communications with Central-SIM

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