Real time call monitoring and intervention software

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Best Quality

Improve phone results

Improve your agents results when working on the phone in customer service, support or sales

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Speed training up

Decrease the time you need to invest in training new agents and get better insights about your agents performing.

Fast and efficient support for companys

Improve your phone service

Know in real time how many agents are calling, how many are already speaking and how many are getting a phone call. This will help you make better decisions in the service you manage.

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Whisper call monitoring software features

  • Call monitoring / spy mode
  • Whisper mode
  • Intervention mode
  • Call monitoring
  • Accessible from a web browser
  • Software with Internet connection
  • Telsome PBX required
  • Queue detailed information and statistics with Central-SIM
  • Suitable with: automated satisfaction surveys

Call Inmersion

Whisper allows supervisors to get themselves in a phone call with the selected mode in order to do quality controls, help agents solve successfully a situation or get into the conversation and get the right result out of it.

monitorización de llamadas en tiempo real call center

Call monitoring | Spy

Listen the phone calls in real time to know how your agents are working, to help them improve, and make your company get the best results.


Help your agents by whispering them instructions that will only be heard by them: the other person in the phone call won't even notice you whispered to your agent.


Join the conversation and start a three way conversation in order to make the call get the right path and get the best results

Real Time Call Monitoring

Whisper allows you to monitor all the agents of the call center or department and know at a glance their phone status and what types of phone calls are in process.

whisper card explication telsome PBX
estado de extensión

Call status

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Phone number

soporte rápido y eficaz para empresas

Agent name & Extension

la mejor calidad

Type of phone call

Aliados con tu empresa con centralita virtual

Phone number

soporte rápido y eficaz para empresas

Phone call duration

Realtime agent monitoring software

Whisper is a program for enterprises and departments in which the phone is the main tool for employees, such as call centers, sales departments, tech support and customer service.

In these businesses is essential to optimise the phone call duties and is almost compulsory to monitor phone calls and keep training every agent to get the best results.

Perfect for call centers, sales departments, tech support and customer.

Whisper is a software intended for companies and sales departments where the main work tool is the phone, such as call centers, sales departments, tech support and customer.

In this businesses is completely essential optimize work at phone, and its necessary monitoring and training continually the agents in order to achieve the best results.

Usually used with:

Automated Surveys

Automated satisfaction surveys help the enterprise get feedback from customers to know how good the interaction with an agent was after a phone call.

By doing an auomatic phone call, the service contacts with customers once they hang up and asks them a question to value it on a 0 to 9 scale. The results obtained are available online and can be downloaded in excel format in order to work on it. The question asked can be customized.

Automated surveys are also utilized during the continuous improvement process in order to known the level of satisfaction with the attention received.

Predictive dialer

The predictive dialercalls in an automatic waythe base data's numbers. When the call is answered, the system will put through to a free agent.

The predictive dialer is the perfect tool for call centers and sales departments, it helps to saving time and allows an agent manage more calls.

Calls recording

The call recording is usually used in contracts, check calls during sales process and, also, to audit agents or services.

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