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The hosted PBX for enterprises seeking the highest quality and performance

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Unbeatable Quality

Our main goal in Telsome is to offer the highest phone quality service to enterprises. To do so we ensure you have the highest quality on every phone call and the maximum stablity.

Aliados con tu empresa con centralita virtual

Commited to your enterprise

When you use our hosted PBX you are joining a team of experts in communications willing to help you, advise you and set up your telephone system according to your goals.

soporte rápido y eficaz para empresas

Fast and effective support

In Telsome we are all qualified VoIP technicians. If you need a change, have questions or have a problem you can call us, open a ticket or send us an email and we will solve it in record time

Select your Hosted PBX

Get phone calls from your PBX directly on mobile lines and combine mobiles and fixed phones. A

+ info

More automatisms than with regular old ones and more features

Get all the communications you need in a single and powerful system, including: fixed lines, mobiles, hosted PBX and Internet fiber connection.

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The most equiped PBX

Phone numbers and lines+ info

Get your Central-SIM hosted PBX and you will be getting at the same time the fixed phone numbers and lnies you need. You can get new phone numbers o port yours and improve how you manage your phone calls at the same time you save money. .

Full IVR+ info

Make customers happier and spend less time in avoidable phone calls by using an IVR that will redirect phone calls to the right person and department based on the need of the caller.

Customers will be able to select who they want to speak with by choosing it from the given options.

Advanced automated days and hours+ info

Set your PBX according to your working days and hours and also holidays.

Mobiles are part of the PBX+ info

Wether you are on the move, you combine office with remote working hours or your Internet connection is not fast enought for VoIP, you can use mobile lines as if they were regular desktop phones of your PBX.

You can get phone calls from the PBX; transfer phone calls, call your partners using short numbers and much more.

Online PBX Dashboard+ info

Online PBX Dashboard access 24/365 where you can manage your PBX, add extensions and other services, check call reports and much more.

Call Detail Records (CDR)+ info

Check on detailed incoming and outgoing phone calls done with your Telsome Hosted PBX.

You can search phone calls based on different data, such as phone number, call result, date, phone extension and much more.

You can download customized CDRs to Excel to work with them and make cool graphics.

Call Queue and Queue Statistics+ info

The call queue collects phone calls and distributes them among the agents connected to the queue.

You can check how many calls you are missing, average waiting times, and much more information that will help you improve customer service.

Simultaneous calls+ info

Stop missing phone calls just because your phone system has all the phone lines busy: with Central-SIM you can get as many simultaneous calls as you need to ensure customers can contact you.

Call Transfer+ info

Transfer phone calls to phone extensions located on your office, remote locations, and Telsome mobile lines.

More user level features+ info

Direct call transfer, 2 step call, transfer, 3 way conference, call hold, DND (do not disturb), call park, anonymous calls, call block, call forwarding, direct pick up

Voicemail2mail+ info

Get your voicemails directly on your email.

Encrypted phone calls+ info

Enable Encrypted phone calls to increase security in your communications.

Smart call forwarding rules+ info

Make special rules to divert phone calls to other phone extensions, numbers or locations when under special conditions, such us power shortage, no Internet connection, or just going out of the office.

Check full list

Are you looking to improve even further your communications?

Fiber connection+ info

  • 3 speed fiber connection options to unify your communications are available for Telsome customers.

Mobile plans+ info

  • Different mobile plans available with unlimited phone calls and 4G data.
  • Short numbers to call other mobiles and extensions.
  • Use it as a regular phone extension, as a regular mobile, or both!

Automated interviews+ info

  • Do you need to know happy your customers are about you? You can enable phone automated interviews to get answers effortless and improve your results.
  • The data you get with the interviews will be available for you to dowload in Excel format to work with it.
  • And it costs less than 10€!

Call recording+ info

  • Record every phone call and save it to be able to recall it if necessary.

Control Data+ info

  • Check how many call each of the members of the team are making or answering to know who perform best, and who should improve.
  • Discover which departments uses more the phone service.
  • Analize how much each department or employee expends in phone calls.

International phone numbers+ info

  • Use phone numbers from the countries you work in to increase your sales there.
  • You will be able to answer phone calls from that phone number even if you are not at that country.

Conference room+ info

  • Save time and keep your team together by meeting on the phone.
  • You can have conversations with multiple team members at the same time on the phone.
  • Very useful for daily or weekly meetings.
  • Ir a la página de Sala de Conferencias

Whisper+ info

  • Listen real time phone conversastions.
  • Whisper instructions to your agents over the phone while they are in a conversation without the customers listening to you.
  • Merge in the conversation if necessary to ensure it takes the right path.
  • More info

Central-SIM PBX benefits for your business

Top customizations

configuración de la centralita incluida

Central-SIM is the most customizable PBX of the market and you can automate it in inimaginable ways. Let us know your needs and we will give you a solution. And, don't worry about setting it up as Telsome techs will do it for you.

We set it up for you

configuración de la centralita incluida

Unlike other PBX where you have to set everything up and learn how to do so, you won't have this problem with Telsome as we will do everything for you. And if you want to know what has been done or check how it is done, you'll have full access to the set up panel.

The best customer support

configuración de la centralita incluida

Would you like to talk to the same agents when you call your phone provider? Would you like to have really fast answers to your request, either by phone, email, ticketing or chat? Would you like to be a customer with name and history rather than a number? Then you are going to love are customer support.

Unify your fixex phone, mobile and Internet services

configuración de la centralita incluida

You can get all the communications services you need with us and have everything together, one company for everything: customer support, billing and everything working together to make the most out of it.

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Compatible devices to use with Central-SIM PBX

VoIP Phones

Desktop and cordless phones that you can use as any other phone you may have and that are connected to Internet.

Software & WebRTC

Great for users who are using their computer while talking on the phone. They are both systems that allows you to use the phone number with your computer and headsets. Softphones are software that require set up and WebRTC is used directly in your web browser by just adding user and password.


Use a mobile as a regular phone extension of your PBX and as a regular phone. The best of both sides.


Mobile apps to use as the PBX extension and make and receive phone calls. They use your mobile Internet connection. Only recommended when the other options are not possible.

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