The hosted PBX for enterprises seeking the highest quality and performance

Unbeatable Quality

Our main goal in Telsome is to offer the highest quality service to enterprises. To do so we ensure you have the highest quality on every phone call and the maximum stablity.

Commited to your enterprise

VoIP telephony must be an ally to your enterprises success. When you use our hosted PBX you are joining a team of experts in communications willing to help you, advise you and set up your telephone system according to your goals.

Fast and effective support

In Telsome we are all qualified VoIP technicians willing to help you. If you have a problem you can call us, open a ticket or send us an email and we will solve it in record time.

Central-SIM PBX benefits for your business

Save money to your enterprise

  • This PBX can make your enterprise save up to 80% of phone expenses when moving from traditional phone services.

Don't waste your time in learning PBX settings

  • Setting up the PBX is included and each user can contact us directly if anything happens.

You buy a service with no expiration date

  • Central-SIM PBX, instead of becoming an obsolete equipment with time, improves as time goes on as we are continuosly adding new features and improvements.

You buy an scalable phone system

  • As your enterprise hires more employees and starts in new locations you will be able to easily add them to the phone system.

Main Hosted PBX Features

Phone numbers+ info

Bring your own phone numbers to Telsome or get new ones with your PBX

Full IVR+ info

Make customers happier by allowing them to directly speak to the right person.

Customers will be able to select who they want to speak with by choosing it from the given options.

Advanced automated days and hours+ info

Set your PBX according to your working days and hours and also holidays.

Mobile integration+ info

Keep answering phone calls when going out of your office by attending them from your Telsome mobile line: they work also as your phone extension.

Online PBX Dashboard+ info

Online PBX Dashboard access 24/365 where you can manage your PBX, add extensions and other services, check call reports and much more.

Call Detail Record+ info

Check on detailed incoming and outgoing phone calls done with your Telsome Hosted PBX.

You can search phone calls based on different data, such as phone number, call result, date, phone extension and much more.

Download customized CDRs to Excel.

Call Queue and Queue Statistics+ info

The call queue collects phone calls and distributes them among the agents connected to the queue.

You can check how many calls you are missing, average waiting times, and much more information that will help you improve customer service.

Simultaneous Calls+ info

Get as many simultaneous phone calls as your business needs and stop missing customer calls.

Call Transfer+ info

Transfer phone calls to phone extensions located on your office, remote locations, and Telsome mobile lines.

More user level features+ info

Direct call transfer, 2 step call, transfer, 3 way conference, call hold, DND (do not disturb), call park, anonymous calls, call block, call forwarding, direct pick up


Voicemail+ info

Get your voicemails directly on your email.

Encrypted phone calls+ info

Enable Encrypted phone calls to increase security in your communications.

Smart call forwarding rules+ info

Make special rules to divert phone calls to other phone extensions, numbers or locations when under special conditions, such us power shortage, no Internet connection, or just going out of the office.

Check full list


Select your Hosted PBX

Central-SIM per use

Use IP phones or software for your phone calls and save money by paying per second in your phone calls and a small rate.

From 21,88€/month with 3 users

Mobile PBX

User mobile lines for business phone calls. It includes unlimited phone calls and 4G data
You can transfer phone calls with the mobile.

From 61,12€/month with 3 mobile plans

Mobile + Per use

Use both IP phones or software and mobile lines for business calls and get the most out of your phone system

From 34,96€ with 2 users and 1 mobile plan

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Which Hosted PBX suits best your business?

You mostly get incoming calls

PBX with a small monthly fee and paying per phone call you make

→ Central-SIM pay per use

You make lots of phone calls

You need flat minutes rates to get a better price

→ Contact us

Users need mobility

PBX where phone calls can be answered from mobiles that work as extensions

→ Central-SIM Mobile

You work as a freelance

Make an impression and use your PBX with your mobile

→ Central-SIM freelance

Phone devices to use with Central-SIM PBX

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