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The hosted PBX for enterprises seeking the highest quality and performance

Unbeatable Quality

Our main goal in Telsome is to offer the highest quality service to enterprises. To do so we ensure you have the highest quality on every phone call and the maximum stablity.

Commited to your enterprise

VoIP telephony must be an ally to your enterprises success. When you use our hosted PBX you are joining a team of experts in communications willing to help you, advise you and set up your telephone system according to your goals.

Fast and effective support

In Telsome we are all qualified VoIP technicians willing to help you. If you have a problem you can call us, open a ticket or send us an email and we will solve it in record time.

Hosted PBX Plans

Hosted PBX


(36.30€ vat included)

  • 1 phone number
    free portability

  • 3 Users
    MultiSIP accounts

  • 500 minutes to Spanish Fixed /month

  • 200 minutes to Spanish Mobile /month

  • 4 simultaneous calls

  • 1 call queue
    1 IVR menu (auto attendant)

Hosted PBX


(66.55€ vat included)

  • 2 phone numbers
    free portability

  • 5 Users
    MultiSIP accounts

  • 1000 minutes to Spanish Fixed /month

  • 600 minutes to Spanish Mobile /month

  • 5 simultaneous calls

  • 2 call queue
    1 IVR menu (auto attendant)

Hosted PBX


(88.33€ IVA incluido)

  • 2 phone numbers
    free portability

  • 7 Users
    MultiSIP accounts

  • 2000 minutes to Spanish Fixed /month

  • 600 minutes to Spanish Mobile /month

  • 7 simultaneous calls

  • 2 call queue
    1 IVR menu (auto attendant)


15 trial days

No minumum duration

No cancellation fee

Initial set up included

These conditions apply to all Hosted PBX plans

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Hosted PBX benefits for your enterprise

Big savings

Save money every month

  • Save up to 70% in monthly rates.
  • Pay for what you need.
  • Great national and international calling rates.
  • No distinction between provincial and inter-provincial phone calls.

Boost productivity

Improve employee productivity

  • Automatically forward phone calls to the right agent.
  • Increased mobility
  • Business continuity

Don't miss phone calls

Avoid missing phone calls by improving your communications system to hosted PBX

  • Handle as many simultaneous phone calls as you need.
  • Call queues will keep phone calls until agents are available.
  • MultiSIP accounts to be able to answer phone calls from smartphones.
  • Inteligent call routing.

Invest in a solution for the future

The phone system that grows and updates with your enterprise

  • 100% scalable.
  • No PBX hardware to replace over the years.
  • Great versatibility.
  • Expandable to different locations.

Hosted PBX Features

Main Features

Auto attendant (IVR menu)+ info

  • Save time on every phone call with the auto attendant service.
  • The Hosted PBX offers options to callers and forward the phone call to the right agent based on the selection of the user.
  • Example: Press 1 to talk to sales, press 2 to talk to human resources, ...

Call Queues+ info

  • Stop missing phone calls thanks to the call queue
  • The call queue collect phone calls and distributes them among the agents connected to the queue.
  • When all agents are busy the call queue keeps the phone call with music on hold until an agent gets free. On that moment the call is forwarded to the free agent.
  • You can add remote agents to the call queue, including fixed and mobile phone numbers.

Extensiones MultiSIP+ info

  • Don't lose phone calls when you are out of your office thanks to MultiSIP accounts.
  • Users can use their phone extension at the same time on their VoIP phone, smartphone and even laptop or tablet and use it from anywhere to answer phone calls.

Voice2Mail + info

  • When someone calls your enterprise and no one is available the voicemail will record the message and send you an email with the voice message attached.
  • You can listen to voice mail messages from anywhere with email access.

Web Call Me button+ info

  • Increase comercial phone calls from users on your web using our Click to Call button.
  • Web users will be able to ask our system to call them.
  • The Click to Call button will automatically make a double phone call (to your agents and to the future customer) to start a conversation

Encrypted phone calls+ info

  • Increase security on your conversations with encrypted phone calls.
  • Perfect for an extra security on phone calls with confidential information.

Call Detail Record (CDRs)+ info

  • Check on detail incoming and outgoing phone calls done with your Telsome Hosted PBX.
  • You can search phone calls based on different data, such as phone number, call result, date, phone extension and much more.
  • Download customized CDRs to Excel.
  • Check out call queue statistics to improve the service.

Call Transfer+ info

  • Transfer phone calls to phone extensions located on your office or remote locations.
  • Transfer phone calls to mobile and fixed phone numbers from other providers.
  • Direct and 2 step call transfer.

Smart call forwarding rules+ info

  • Your agents won't lose more phone call with our smart call forwarding rules
  • Smart call forwarding allows phone extensions to forward phone calls based on the status of the extension (busy, not registered...), the result of the phone call (no answer), time and much more.

Extension Virtualization+ info

  • For enterprises where users share their desks due to shifts. Allows them to use their own phone extension on the VoIP phone.
  • Perfect for call centers and contact centers.

Disaster BackUP+ info

  • Make sure you are not going to lose phone calls in case something happens on your internet connection or electricity.
  • Automated call forwarding in case of power outage or if Internet connection goes down
  • Once connection is restored the service will automatically work as always

User level features+ info

  • Direct call transfer
  • 2 step call transfer
  • 3 way conference
  • Call hold
  • DND (do not disturb)
  • Call park
  • Anonymous calls
  • Call block
  • Call forwarding
  • Direct pick up
Check more included features of Telsome Hosted PBX

Optional Features

Virtual Fax+ info

  • No need of buying or using a fax machine
  • Use your virtual fax from anywhere with email access.
  • Sending faxes is as easy as sending emails.
  • You will send faxes from your email address.
  • You will receive faxes on your email.
  • More information about our Fax2Mail

Call recording+ info

  • Record and save phone call conversation
  • Record phone calls on demand or record every phone call.
  • Phone calls are saved on the cloud and accessible from your online panel.

Telsome Mobile+ info

  • Save money when calling internationally with your smartphone.
  • No Internet required
  • International phone calls with Telsome rates from your smartphone.
  • Show your enterprise phone number instead of you mobile phone number.
  • More information about our Telsome Mobile

International phone numbers+ info

  • Gain new customers around the world using phone numbers from the countries where you want to grow.
  • Customers will call you at local rates, breaking the high cost impediment for customers to call you, and sell more.
  • Our hosted PBX can forward the phone call to the right user based on which number they've called.
  • When a user will be attending phone calls from different international phone numbers we can preceed the phone number with 3 letters to let him know in which language to answer.

Conference room+ info

  • Save time and have meeting easier thanks to the conference room.
  • Set up a meeting at a specified date and time and meet colleagues from other locations over the phone.
  • Users invited to the meeting will be able to join the meeting.
  • More information about our Conference Room

VoIP Devices for Hosted PBX

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