Frecuently Asked Questions

1. Billing

What payment options are there?

  • Post-payment: every month you will get an invoice that will be paid with bank direct order. You need a Spanish bank account.
  • Prepaid: you top up your credit and the monthly rate is deducted every month from it. Phone calls are also paid with the available credit. You can top up you credit using credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. You can automate these payments.

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How does the prepaid credit work?

Credit allows you to make outbound calls and you also use it to pay your monthly fee.

Is it only for enterprises and freelancers?

The service we offer is 100% focused on enterprises and freelancers who want to improve their communications.

Is there any minimum duration?

No, when you use our phone service you are not accepting a minimum duration contract. The quality of the service you get and the customer support we provide you are the reason you are going to have a long term relationship with us.

2. Portability

Can I port my phone number to Telsome and, in the future, from Telsome?

Yes, you can port your phone number from a traditional provider to Telsome and also from Telsome to traditional providers.

The numbers you have with us belong to your enterprise or to you as a freelancer. And as the owner of the phone number you are free to move it from one company to another whenever you want.

Do I have to port the main enterprise phone number?

If you wan to receive phone calls from that number in our phone system you have to port it. This this way you will have several simultaneous calls, automated messages and much more (with PBX).

You can also buy new numbers with us.


More info about portability

3. Requirements

Fiber Internet connection

VoIP and PBX services need fiber Internet connection to work.

Enterprises that use PBX with mobile lines don't need Internet connection and phone calls work over the mobile network.


We recommend you to use VoIP phones, which are professional phones that connect to Internet and provide you the best quality as they have been designed specifically for the current communications tecnology.

When buying the phones to us you get the initial set-up, support and you are buying them at the best price as we want to ensure you use good phones that are not going to cause you any kind of trouble.Contact us to get the best quotation

You can also use other VoIP phones. In this case further set-up will be needed.  

Mobile PBX

When using a mobile PBX you don't need fiber connection or VoIP phones as you will be using you smartphone with a Telsome sim card.


Are there unlimited phone calls?

Mobile plans include unlimited phone calls.

With PBX and VoIP services phone calls are charged per second and you can also buy flat-minute rates.

How do flat-minute rates work?

There are different flat-minute rates you can buy: to call Spanish fixed phone nubmers, Spanish mobile phone numbers and other international destinations.

This rates are automatically renewed every month and are shared among all enterprise users, with the only exception of mobile plans.

Set up

Do I need an expert to install it?

If you buy us the phones you will just have to plug them in and they will start working: Plug&Play. So no expert is needed.

Is the initial set up included?

Yes, the configuration is included so you don't have to worry about how to make it work: we do it for you.

Do I have access to an online panel to control everything?

Yes, you have 24/365 access to the online panel where you can control everything.

Do have more questions?

Write us or call us now: 900 908 999


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