VoIP phones for executives and seniors. These are the top end VoIP phones with the best features and design. Some of them are even more than just a phone.

  • Yealink SIP-T46G

    Yealink SIP-T46G

    This Yealink SIP-T46G is specially designed for work environments and features an attractive design combined with great functionalities. The quality sound and visual experience make this VoIP phone stand out from the rest.
    You can configure up to 16 VoIP accounts simultaneously, which is perfect when you need to handle several phone numbers at the same time. It also features 10 configurable keys to improve working productivity and speed up call management.
    Furthermore, this Yealink SIP-T46G VoIP phone support great functionalities such as one touch speed dial,  call forward, call transfer, Bridge Line Appearance (allows you to capture phone calls from another line by just pressing a key), and much more. 

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    189.90 €
  • VoIP Phone Grandstream GXP2170

    VoIP Phone Grandstream GXP2170

    The Grandstream GXP2170 VoIP phone is perfect for users who handle and divert a high volume of phone calls. Thanks to its 48 BLF/speed dial keys this work will become easier and faster

    Main features of this VoIP phone: 12 line dual color keys, 48 BLF/speed dial keys,  Gigabit, PoE, bluetooth and compatible with Plantronics headsets.


    Plug&Play: we send it already configured with your Telsome details

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    169.90 €
  • VoIP Phone Grandstream GXV3240

    VoIP Phone Grandstream GXV3240

    This Grandstream GXV3240 is one of the highest level VoIP phones from Grandstream, appropiate for businessmen who need more than a regular phone and at the same time want it to have dial keys as usual. This great VoIP phone comes with touch screen, Android, apps, WiFi and much more

    Plug&Play: we send it already configured with your Telsome details.


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    258.00 €
  • VoIP Phone Grandstream GXV3370

    VoIP Phone Grandstream GXV3370

    The Grandstream GXV3370 is the top end VoIP phone best suited for executives and seniors who are looking for more than a phone: style, touchscreen, WiFi and app integration.


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    294.00 €

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