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Improve your call center with Telsome Cloud Call Center software

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Everything included: software & Telephony

Call Center Software is integrated with Telsome PBX and provides you both with all the needed phone lines and numbers for inbound and outbound phone calls as well as the call center software.

remote connections of users and supervisors

Remote connections

Supervisors can control agents from anywhere and agents can work remotely and answer phone calls with just a computer and Internet connection thanks to WebRTC and cloud techonology.

soporte rápido y eficaz para empresas

Fast and easy set-up

Everything will be working in just 24/48 hours over your Internet connection, with a computer, headsets and with no need of installing software or spending additional money in extra devices. Furthermore, PBX set-up is included.

Cloud Call Center Software

This software provides all the features of Cloud PBX systems, including the phone servicio, together with the phone features used in customer service and sales call centers:

  • Phone numbers
  • Simultaneous phone calls & lines
  • Free inbound calls
  • IVR option menu
  • Customizable welcome messages
  • Call queues and ringing strategies
  • Automated times & days
  • Real time agents monitoring
  • Monitoring, whisper and merge in phone calls
  • Predictive dialer
  • Automated surveys
  • Web RTC
  • Call recording
  • Smart IVR: smart inbound routing
  • Click2Call web app
  • Call transfer
  • Call Detail Record CDR
  • Queue statistics
  • Advanced reports (KPIs)
  • Full PBX set-up included

Furthermore, phone calls starting at 1 cent/minute

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Whisper: monitorización de agentes

Real time monitoring

Know at a glance what the status of your agents is, the types of ongoing phone calls and the duration of each one.

  • Monitoring: listen to phone calls in real time.
  • Whisper to your agents while they are on the phone without being heard by the other person in the call
  • Merge in conversation to improve the results when necessary
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monitorización, susurros e intervención en llamadas unión call center

Predictive dialer

predictive dialer
unión call center

Increase the number of phone calls that can be made in your call center every hour by deleting the time you lose in dialing and waiting for customers to answer the phone call thanks to the predictive dialer.

The predictive dialer checks if there are any available agents before making phone calls. If there are available agents it calls automatically the contacts in your database and, furthermore, connects the call to the agent only if someone answers the call so that agents don't have to lose time waiting for someone to answer.

auotomated surveys for call centers

Automated Suveys

Know how satisfied your customers are after each phone call and get insights about who are your best agents, who are the worst, and work with them to improve and customer satisfaction.

The system makes an automated phone call after a conversation to value it on a 1 to 9 scale.

You can dowload the results in Excel format.

unión call center


Web RTC for call center agents
web rtc unión call center

Forget about spending money on phone devices or waisting time setting up programs on each computer.

With Web RTC your agents just need a computer with Internet connection, a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and heasets. Agents will just need to use their user and password to start working.

grabación de llamadas en call center

Call Recording

Record every phone call of your call center and verify that everything is being done properly. Ensure that the quality of your agents performance.

Phone calls are stored in the cloud and you can download them into your own devices.

unión call center

CDR: Call Detail Record

CDR: informes detallados de llamadas
CDRs unión

Detailed records of every incoming and ougoing phone calls done in the call center. You can even filter them by lots of criteria, such us outgoing, incoming, call result, agent, dates, and much more.


  • Real time and online access to the records.
  • Download them in .excel and .csv.
  • Use advanced search with filters to get the exact type of phone calls you need to check.
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Informes Avanzados

Advanced Reports (KPIs)

Which group of agents answer more phone calls? ¿Which group has the longest average phone calls? ¿Which agent has answered the most calls this month? An the least? How has been the performance compared to last month?

Advanded Reports provides very useful data in a visual way that can be divided in departments, groups or agents.

informes avanzados de llamadas para conocer KPIs fácilmente unión call center

Queues statistics

call queues estatistics
Call queue statistics estadísticas de grupos de espera

Know everything related to incoming phone calls in your call center with queue statistics: numer of answer and not answered phone calls, reasons of unattended phone calls, average waiting time, SLA, maximum wating time, average call duration, agents performance and mucho more.

All the information you need to know the performance of the service you provide.

Smart IVR: smart call routing

Smart IVR: smart call routing

Specially developed for sales and support call centers, it helps customers and to be customers get it touch with the agent they spoke with last time. This way the avoid long waitings and they don't need to wait over queues and usual call routing.

It makes a great difference in customer satisfaction as they don't get frustrated over explaing over and over their issue to different people. And call centers save lots of time as agents don't have to start from scratch each time the customer calls back.

informes avanzados de llamadas para conocer KPIs fácilmente unión call center

Click2Call web extension

Click2Call web extension
Click2Call web extension union call center

You can use the call center software with any web CRM with no need of API integrations or developements so that your agents can call customers by just clicking their phone number on your web CRM.

It's a web app available for Google Chrome and Mozille Firefox that detects phone numbers in websites and calls for you using your phone extension with just a click.

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