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More than 15 Years VoIP Experience


VoIP Provider

Spanish VoIP provider under the telecomnunication licence granted by the CMT (now CNMC) for Mobiles and Fixed telephony

+ 15 years VoIP experience

Experts in telecommunications working exclusively on VoIP services: VoIP telephony, hosted PBX, SIP trunk, virtual fax and more VoIP services.

The best technical support

Everyone working on Telsome is a cualified technician and we are just a phone call away.

Hosted PBX

Improve your enterprise image on every phone call and save money using Telsome Hosted PBX. Thanks to its advanced features enterprises using our hosted PBX look bigger and more professional.

With Telsome Hosted PBX you automate your enterprise phone system and forward phone calls to the right person, saving time and money on every phone call.

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Mobile Telephony

Never miss a phone call with Telsome mobile telephony thanks to its real integration with your PBX. This means that you will be able to use your mobile phone as always and go even further as an enterprise user.

Only enterprises with our PBX will be able to use our mobile telephony and enjoy the great features and integration, such us call transfer, automated days and hours, inteligent call forwardings and much more. Everything desinged to help improve enterprise users productivity.

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VoIP Telephony

Save time and money every month with VoIP telephony and forget about losing customer phone calls: you will be able to handle several calls simultaneously.

VoIP telephony allows enterprises and home users to have a national or international phone number to make/attend phone calls over an Internet connection, saving up to 80% in phone costs every month.

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SIP Trunk

Our SIP Trunk is the perfect VoIP service for enterprises that want to completely manage their phone system and save on monthly fees and phone calls and just need Telsome to connect them to the PSTN.

With our SIP Trunk you connect your IP PBX to the PSTN using Internet and use VoIP on your phone calls.

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National and International phone numbers

Increase incoming phone calls from potencial customers using phone numbers from your customers cities or countries.

You can use phone numbers from other Spanish provinces and even international phone numbers from your office no matter where it is. Customers will be able to call you at local prices.

Buy phone numbers from any Spanish province with Telsome. You can also buy phone numbers from up to 60 countries.

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More VoIP Services

Virtual Fax

As easy to use as sending an email; as easy to see received faxes as opening an email. This is how our Virtual fax service works.

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Telsome Caller

Save money on international phone calls with your smartphone and no need of Internet connection. With Telsome Mobile you will call at our great international rates and you will be able to show your enterprise phone number on your calls with your smartphone.

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Conference room

Save time by meeting several colleagues over the phone to discuss business operations. You will be able to gather all on a VoIP conference room.

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